Log Press Away

Teams will have 90 seconds to press a log for as many reps as possible. Each team must switch partners at least one time. The log must be taken from the ground, unlimited drops. All presses/jerks allowed, wrist wraps and elbow sleeves allowed.

M/M Weight: Beginner 155, Intermediate 185, Advanced 215

F/F Weight: Beginner 75, Intermediate 90, Advanced 125

Sandbag over yoke bar

Teams have 60 seconds to pick up a sandbag and pass it over one side to the other to their teammate. Yoke height will be 48 inches. No tacky allowed

M/M weights: Beg 150, Int 180, Adv 230

F/F weights: Beg 75, Int 100, Adv 125

Carry/Hold/Push medley

One teammate must hold a plate loaded husafell while the second teammate performs farmers carries for 75 feet. Once teammate two has carried the farmers handles, teammates switch implements. Then, teammates will switch between the husafell and sled pushes for 75 feet. Both teammates must perform the husafell hold, farmers carry and sled push. The teammate carrying farmers or pushing the sled must STOP moving if the husafell is dropped. No tacky no straps allowed.

M/M Husafell weights: Beg 170, Int 190, Adv 215

M/M Farmers: Beg 165, Int 180, Adv 205 (each hand)

M/M Sled: Beg 180, Int 270, Adv 360 (does not include sled weight)

F/F Husafell: Beg 130, Int 150, Adv 175

F/F Farmers: Beg 100, Int 125, Adv 160

F/F Sled: Beg 135, Int 180, Adv 270

Wagon Wheel Deadlift

Wagon Wheel Max Deadlift (Wessels rules): Each teammate will have 3 attempts to perform the deadlift on a standard barbell on wagon wheels. The wagon wheels put the barbell height at 13 inches. Teammates can jump in at any weight. Weight increases by 20lbs. If a lift is failed on first attempt, you’re done. Team score is combined weight. Straps allowed, no deadlift suits.

Fri, September 25, 2020 6:30 PM - 9:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
Ft Ben Fit
10605 Deme Dr, Lawrence, Indiana, United States of America
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