Event 1

50 Wall Balls
150 T2B
75 Hang Power Cleans

​​​​​​​//12:00 minute cap

Partner 1 will complete all 50reps of the wall balls. Upon completion, Partner 2 may begin their 50reps. Partner 1 may move to T2B and begin gaining T2B reps while Partner 2 completes their wall ball set. Once Partner 2 is done with wall balls, the two will continue to move through the total number of T2B, 150 reps, with one person working at a time until competition before moving to the Hang Power Cleans. 75 Hang Power Clean reps will be completed on one shared bar between Partners 1 and 2, with one partner working at a time.

20# / 14# to 10’
165# / 105#

20# / 14# to 9’
125# / 85#

Event 2

100 Thrusters 
100 Pull Ups
75 Thrusters
75 C2B
50 Thrusters
50 BMU

//15:00 minute cap

With one partner working at a time, the team will complete the total number of reps at each movement before moving to the next. Teams will be responsible for loading their bar as the weight increases and the bar must be loaded before going back to the rig for the next set of gymnastics movement. 

100- 95#/65#
75- 115#/75#
50- 135#/95#


100- 85#/55#
75- 95#/65#
50- 105#/75#
BMU- Burpee to target

Event 3

@Concept2 BikeErg  1000m / 800m
30 Bar Facing Burpees

// 9:00 minute cap

One Partner starts on the bike while one partner starts on the burpees. Partners switch when both meters and burpees are completed. The event ends when the teams have each completed 2 rounds of their respective rep schemes (bike to burpee / burpee to bike).

Event 4

60 DB Snatch
75 Double unders
40 DB Snatch
75 Double unders
20 DB Snatch
75 Double unders
40 DB Snatch
75 Double unders
60 DB Snatch
​​​​​​​75 Double unders

//15:00 minute cap

Sat, April 21, 2018 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Central America Standard Time
Hyder Burks Pavilion
2390 Gainesboro Grade, Cookeville, Tennessee, United States
Mustard Seed Ranch
Mustard Seed Ranch (MSR) is a community-sponsored, interdenominational Christian ministry designed to take children out of unsafe environments and into loving, nurturing homes.  Out of the social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual support each child receives, seeds of hope begin to take root.

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