Competition by: Unbreakable Athletics Academy, Jim Beebe and Myo-Fit, Sara Hemmick


Ice Breaker V

2020 has come and gone. There were plenty of challenges all year. Lessons were learned. And we are thankful for the struggle for it creates perseverance. 2021 will have Ice Breaker V at the end of February. March 11 will start the CrossFit Open. And we structure this event in preparation of the Open. So let's see where you're at!

So grab a partner and head over to Unbreakable for a fair test of your fitness!! These are the options:

  • Rx Male/Male
  • Rx Female/Female
  • Scaled Male/Male
  • Scaled Female/Female

There will be prizes for everyone on the podium as well as for the winners for each event. This event is popular. We will cap the event at 100 athletes this year which is less than our normal 120. We will need to keep the attendance below capacity.

There will be three WODs + some sort of extra events, either floater WODs or other tests. Top four teams will make the finals. The scoring will be cumulative. T-shirt is included. 



Anything goes. But there are certain things you couldn't see until the finals: muscle ups, hand stand push-ups and walks, Atlas stones for load, sleds, tire flips, kegs and sand bags. You could see everything else in the main WODs, strength tests, and floater WODs.


You could see any barbell movement for a strength test. Things you won't see at all: muscle ups, double unders, hand stand movements of any kind, pistols, rope climbs, toes to bar, chest to bar pull-ups. You will have to do pull-ups at some point. 

#UAA Ice Breaker
Sat, February 27, 2021 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit Unbreakable
2198 Reeves Rd, Plainfield, Indiana, United States
Unbreakable Athletics Academy, Jim Beebe
2021 will be the beginning of our 9th year as a CrossFit gym. In addition to CrossFit, we host 3 USPA powerlifting events each year, including the Indiana State Championships. We are also the Indiana State Chair for Strongman Corp, and we host two Strongman events as well.

Myo-Fit, Sara Hemmick
Soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation, mobility and injury evaluation.

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