Feats of Strength

Teams will have 14 minutes total to find 4 max lifts. They will share one barbell and equipment. The lifts can be done in any order.

Athlete 1

  • 1RM Overhead Squat. Weight is taken from the floor. A full (squat) snatch could count as the overhead squat if you like.
  • 3RM Strict Press. Weight is taken from the floor. This can be done along with the OHS lift if desired, but it's unlikely.

Athlete 2

  • 1RM Front Squat. Weight is taken from the floor. A full (squat) clean could count as the front squat.
  • 3RM Jerk. Weight is taken from the floor. This can be done after any clean including the one done for the max Front Squat. Push jerk, squat jerk, or split jerk will count. Push press will not count.
Floater WOD: Bags Over Bar

Teams event. One person cleans the sand bag and puts it over the bar. Then the other person does the same thing and returns the bag. Max reps in one minute wins.


  • Men: 165lbs 50"
  • Women: 100lbs 44"


  • Men: 135lbs 50"
  • Women: 80lbs 44"

Chipper. Event is one time through. One athlete works while the other rests. The event is for time. Time Cap: 12 mins. See how far you can get.

100 Cal Assault Bike

75 Wall Balls #20/14 10'/9'

50 Toes To Bar (Scaled: Hanging Knee Raises)

25 GTO Ground To Overhead #165/105 (Scaled #95/65)

Floater WOD: Air Bears

How many jump ropes can you get in one minute as a team? Total reps wins.


Max out your DUs. Reps only count while partner is in a free-standing hand stand. Switch as needed.


Max out your SUs. (Cannot do DUs). Reps only count while partner is in a hand stand hold against the wall. Switch as needed.

Thrust is you must

Buy-in. Must do the reps in order. Partners can split the reps. Time for the event is 14 mins. 

  • 800 M Row
  • 60 Box overs with KB #53/35 (Scaled: no KB)
  • 40 Partner facing burpees over partner
  • 20 Alternating Pistols (Scaled: Goblet squats #53/35)

In the time remaining, max rep thrusters #95/65 (Scaled #75/35). If no thrusters are done, the score is the reps completed. 800M rowing reps = 80 reps. 

Finals: TBD

O-Course. It’s an out and back. One athlete goes out through the course. The second athlete brings the event home in reverse order. 

Sat, February 27, 2021 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit Unbreakable
2198 Reeves Rd, Plainfield, Indiana, United States
Unbreakable Athletics Academy, Jim Beebe
2021 will be the beginning of our 9th year as a CrossFit gym. In addition to CrossFit, we host 3 USPA powerlifting events each year, including the Indiana State Championships. We are also the Indiana State Chair for Strongman Corp, and we host two Strongman events as well.

Myo-Fit, Sara Hemmick
Soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation, mobility and injury evaluation.

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