N' Sync Workout

Let's see how much work you can doo when your forearms are burning and your grip is gone. This is a 4 min AMRAP. You will have 4 rounds with 30 second breaks between. 

In the first AMRAP, partner A & B will be on a 45 lb barbell doing 5 synchronize deadlifts. On THEIR 5th deadlift the will HOLD their bar. As they're holding the bar, partner "C & D" will get as many power cleans as possible. Each power clean rep gives your team a point. If or whenever the group "A & B" need a break and they drop the bar, Partner "C & D" must stop. Whenever partner "A & B" begin, the must complete 5 deadlifts before the can hold the bar so partner "C & D" can begin to get more points for the team. You will repeat this for 4 minutes. 

After 4 minutes, you will get a 30 second break and you will switch. Partner "A & B" will go to the shorty bars to do power cleans and partner "C & D" will go to the deadlifts. 

After the 2nd 4 min AMRAP you will switch back to your original starting spots. You will continue to do the same 5 deadlifts with a hold but now instead of a power clean, you're now doing a power clean to overhead press. (Not a snatch) You will repeat this continuously for the 4 min AMRAP. After the third round, you will switch for the final 4 min AMRAP.  Your combine score of reps will give your team it's final score. Good luck!

Deadlifts on 45 barbell

Weight on barbell

  • Competitive M| 225
  • COED M| 225
  • Competitive W| 185
  • COED W| 185
  • Standard M| 185
  • Standard W| 115
  • Shorty Competition Bar- 25 lbs
  • Competitive M| 95
  • COED M| 95
  • Competitive W| 75
  • COED W| 75
  • Standard M| 45
  • Standard W| 45


  • When you switch, you will have to change your bumper plates between the 30 second break.
  • You cannot start early on exchanging.
  • You must wait to the 30 rest period.
The Trifecta

18 Minutes of Work

  • Spot 1- Rower- 20 Cals
  • Spot 2 Air Runner- 12 Cals (Resistance turned to max tension)
  • Spot 3 Air Bike- 20 Cals
  • Spot 4 Recovery

This is all about your conditioning. We're going to challenge you with 3 different cardio pieces. The air bike, rower and the air runner. Whenever you hit your target calorie number, you will receive a point for your team. 

  • Rower- 20 Cals
  • Air Runner- 12 Cals
  • Air Bike- 20 Cals

For 18 minutes you and your team is trying to get as many calories as you can. Whenever you hit your target calorie, you will get off your cardio machine and stand BEHIND YOUR CARDIO PIECE. Whenever everyone in your group HITS their targeted CALORIES, everyone will rotate. You cannot rotate until all members hit their calorie target. At the end of the 18 minutes, we will add up all the COMPLETED ROUNDS FOR EACH MACHINE AND THAT WILL BE YOUR TOTAL SCORE FOR THIS WORKOUT 

Do not touch your monitors, EVER!

All devices will start on THIER own after a couple of seconds of work. We will keep up with the total distance on the air bike. Just in case THERE IS a tie, this will be your tiebreaker. If a teammate TOUCHES the bike screen and RESTARTS it or TOUCHES it after you finish your 18 mins and CLEARS THE SCREEN, you will not have a total distance for your tiebreaker. 

Good luck!

Push It- Push Real Good

For Time: Cap Time 24 Mins Suicide Sled push 

This is a relay format. Each person will go to 4 cones. Partner "A" will start with your sled empty. You will complete TWO burpee BOX step OVERS and your partner will load your sled to its full capacity. You will travel to the 4th cone and back. Once you get back you must then do 2 burpee BOX step OVERS and now travel to the third cone with one less plate on your sled. Once you get back, again you will to 2 burpee BOX step OVERS and then travel to the 2nd cone and back with one less plate. For your final stretch, you will do 2 burpee BOX step OVERS and go to the 1st cone and back with one less plate. Once you come back, partner "A" is done with this event. 

Now it's partner "B" turn. They will start with 1 bumper plate on the sled. They will do their 2 burpee BOX step OVERS. Once they finish they will push their sled with one plate on it and travel to the first cone. You will continue the process by GOING to the next cone. Remember your partner will add a bumper plate each time as you are doing your 2 burpee BOX step OVERS. Once you finish the 4th cone with your HEAVIEST load, partner "B" is now done with the workout. Partner "C" Will do the same thing is partner "A." Start with the HEAVIEST load and travel to the last cone, working themself back to cone one and 1 bumper plate. Partner "D" will finish the course by achieving the same thing partner "B" completed. Once you and your team complete the sled relay, your finish time will be your final score. The faster you finish, the better for your score. If you do not finish within 24 minutes, you will get a 0 for not finishing. 

Distance- 20 feet to each cone. 

Height of box- Competitive

  • M| 24 Inches- Coed M| 24 Inches
  • Competitive W| 20 Inches- Coed W| 20 Inches
  • Standard M| 24 Inches
  • Standard W| 12 Inches

Weight on Sled

  • Competitive and Coed M| Four 35 lbs plates
  • Competitive and Coed W| Four 25 lbs plates
  • Standard M| Four 25 lbs plates
  • Standard W| Four 15 lbs plates

You cannot

  • Pull the sled, only push
  • Turn the sled Partner cannot move the poles for athlete, athlete must move themselves

***COED teams will have to flip their box to the correct height and use the correct weight. 

***COED teams must go girl| girl| guy| guy|

Sat, August 7, 2021 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Central America Standard Time
Humble Civic Center- Arena Complex
8233 Will Clayton Pkwy, Humble, Texas, United States
Head Director- Chris Green
Our competition is not design to find the most in shape person in the world. There's other competitions that do a great job to find that person. Our number one goal is to empower our community to move forward. To believe in themselves. We don't require perfect, but we long to see you to get better.

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