Competition by: FTX Fitness Inc. (DBA FTX CrossFit)
Fire Team 6 Challenge & Fundraiser

A one day 4 person team competition
MMFF with Beg/Int and Rx Divisions

Saturday, June 19, 2021

See full description of event, including WODs, here.

In the military the smallest unit is the fire team – a 4 person unit. On occasion, such as with a sniper pair or swim pair, special forces units will even deploy in pairs. But in either case, always operating as part of a greater effort. FTX stands for Final Training eXercise, which in the military are field tests to see if a unit is ready for deployment or Mission Ready. In that spirit, FTX CrossFit is holding its 6th Annual FireTeam Competition and Fundraiser on Saturday, June 19th for 4 person FireTeams. Come together as a community for a greater cause to help soldiers and their families that have suffered injuries or other hardship serving our country, and see if your FireTeam or pair is Mission Ready. Part of the proceeds will go the SEAL Legacy Foundation.

Format of Competition

All FireTeams are MMFF Rx or MMFF Beginner/Intermediate - Each Fire Team will consist of 2 males and 2 females. There are 2 FireTeam divisions: Rx and Beginner/Intermediate.

Each WOD will have different exercises that can be divided, assigned or done in different ways so as to be doable by anyone.

This competition is designed so that everyone should be able to find a team and be able to compete. Everyone has strengths and weakness. In this competition teams will be able to effectively compete regardless of skill level or experience! Just do it and have fun!

There will be 3 main WODs on the day of the competition. There will also be 2 mini-WODs worth the equivalent of 1 main WOD. The mini-WODs will be short tests that will take 4 minutes or less each. The mini-WODs will be done in pairs. There will be 2 mini-WODs. Each pair on a Fire Team will select and perform one of the mini-WODs such that both are completed, i.e. each pair will do a different one.

Judges - All are L1 Certified or equivalent! We pay judges + lunch + shirt on day of competition. This results in a well-run and professionally managed event!
Volunteers - Lunch + shirt

Only 10 Teams per division. We are keeping this small in order to better serve you and ensure a timely event. WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE DONE BY 2:30PM OR YOU WILL GET A FULL REFUND!

See full description of event, including WODs, here.

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Sat, June 19, 2021 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM Morocco Standard Time
FTX Fitness Inc. (DBA FTX CrossFit)
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We are a CrossFit affiliate located in the Wheaton/Carol Stream area.

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