12 synchronized burpee box jumps
15 synchronized pull ups
18 synchronized shoulder to overhead

At the 14:00 mark, an additional 6 minutes to find your max weight of the complex:
2 deadlifts
1 hang clean
1 front squat

The Rules

Teams of 4: two people working at a time doing synchronized reps, while the other two people rest. Divide the reps however you want, as long as two people are working at a time.
Teams of 2: one person works at a time, while one person rests (I go/you go style). 

For a movement to be "synchronized," partners need to finish each rep together. It is ok if you get out of sync at the bottom, as long as you are at the top together.

  • Box jumps - stand up at the top of the box jump at the same time each rep
  • ​​​​​​​Pull ups - top of the pull up at the same time
  • Shoulder to overhead - locked out at the top of each rep at the same time

At 14:00 (at the end of the AMRAP), each team has an additional six minutes, during which all members will find their max weight for the lifting complex. Each person can take as many attempts as they want, until the six minutes is up. The weight on the bar can go up or down as desired. Up to two people on each team can lift at a time.


Each team will have a maximum of two boxes and two barbells in their station.
If you are in a team of 4 and want more than two different weights available to your team for the shoulder to overhead, you can use dumbbells or kettlebells in addition to the two barbells.

Movement Standards:

The workout starts with each teammate standing tall. You cannot start the first rep until the clock starts at 0:00 and we say "Go!" There are no surprises here as far as movement standards go - they should all be familiar to people with CrossFit experience.

Burpee box jumps -

  • Chest and hips touch the ground at the bottom
  • Two-footed jump onto the box
  • Burpees can be lateral or box-facing
  • Stand tall on the box (hips and knees at full extension) to finish the rep

Pull ups -

  • Start hanging from the bar at full extension (no jumping pull ups or starting with bent arms)
  • Chin over the bar at the top of the rep
  • Kipping, strict, and butterfly pull ups all count
  • Ring rows are the only modification allowed - no bands or jumping pull ups

Shoulder to overhead -

  • First rep of each set starts on the ground (not out of a rack)
  • Each rep starts with the barbell in the front rack position, with elbows in front of the bar
  • Rep is finished when the bar is locked out directly overhead with knees and hips at full extension (standing up all the way)
  • Two dumbbells or two kettlebells may be used in lieu of a barbell if needed

Lifting complex -

  • Bar starts on the ground
  • Deadlift finishes with athlete standing tall while holding on to the bar
  • Must complete the second deadlift (stand up all the way) before lowering to the hang to do the hang clean
  • Hang clean - bar needs to stay ABOVE the knee (no low hang). Can be any hang clean variation (power or squat)
  • Must finish the hang clean by standing up all the way before starting the front squat
  • Front squat - crease of the hip below the knee at the bottom, stand up all the way at the top (knees and hips open) with bar in the front rack position
  • Must complete the rep by bringing feet under hips before dropping the bar

Suggested Weights and Modifications:

RX+: 24/20" box, 135/95
RX: 20" box, 115/75
Scaled: 20" step ups, ring rows, 75/55
Beginner: no push up burpee step ups, ring rows, dumbbell strict press

Lifting complex modification for people without barbell experience - find a 10RM goblet squat.​​​​​​​

TPH Pride WOD - Clean Complex

After the AMRAP14, each team has an additional 6 minutes to find max weight of 

2 deadlifts
1 hang clean
1 front squat

Add all teammates' heaviest successful weights together to get your team score. Movement standards and rules listed above in the main WOD description.

Sat, June 26, 2021 7:30 AM - 10:30 AM Pacific Standard Time
Twenty Pound Hammer
4550 9th Ave NW, Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Twenty Pound Hammer

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