"Fried or Scrambled"

"Fried or Scrambled" 


12 min AMRep of:

Male/Female Pair 1:

30 Synchro Thrusters 95/65

30 Synchro Toes to bar


Male/Female Pair 2:


Synchro Thrusters 95/65#

Synchro Toes to bar 

In time remaining, alternating full rounds in your partner groups:

10 Synchro ground to overhead 95/65#

5 Bar muscle ups (only 1 person working)


12 min AMRep of:

Male/Female Pair 1:

30 Synchro Thrusters 75/55

30 Synchro Knee Raises


Male/Female Pair 2:


Synchro Thrusters 75/55#

Synchro Knee Raises 

In time remaining, alternating full rounds in your partner groups:

10 Synchro ground to overhead 75/55#

5 Chin over bar ups (only 1 person working)

This workout will break your team of 4 into 2 male/female pairs with one pair working at a time.  At 3-2-1 one pair will complete all 30 synchro thrusters before moving to the 30 Toes to bar (knee raises).  The other Male/Female team will remain at the start line until they are "tagged" in to complete their 5-10-15 of synchro thrusters and toes to bar (knee raises).  This portion of the workout is partitioned i.e.... 5 synchro thrusters....5 Toes to bar (knee raises)....10 synchro thrusters....10 Toes to bar (knee raises)...

In the time remaining male/female pair will "tag" in to complete 10 synchro ground to overhead and 5 bar muscle ups (chin over bar pull-ups).  Once the 10-5 is complete then the other Male/Female pair will complete their 10-5.  Pairs must remain the same throughout the entire workout.  The goal of this workout is to get as many Reps as possible.  

"Hangin' On"

"Hangin' On"

18:00 AMRAP

Completed in MM and FF pairs

10 Synchro Chest to Bar Pull-ups (2 PWAT)

     *Scaled Ring Rows

20 Double Dumbbell Box Step overs (1 PWAT)

10 Synchro Single arm Overhead dumbbell lunges (2 PWAT)

10 Zeus Rope Double Unders (1 PWAT)

     *Scaled single unders

     *Add 10 double unders each round (10-20-30-40-50....)

     **Pairs must switch only after completing a full round

     ***PWAT: Partner(s) working at a time

Male Pairs:

All: 24" Box

RX: 50's

Scaled: 35's

Female Pairs:

All: 20"

RX: 35's 

Scaled: 20​​​​​​​'s

"Salt & Pepper"

On a 13:00 Clock:

0:00-6:00 Males find:

Male A) 1 Rep Max Snatch

Male B) 1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk

6:00-7:00 Reset

7:00-13:00 Females find:

Female A) 1 Rep Max Snatch

Female B) 1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk

- Score is total combined weight, each teammate can only do 1 of the lifts and is declared prior to the workout to Judge, barbell starts empty.

- Both athletes will have to find a max within the 6 minute window.

- Each lane will have a pair of:
*If you need additional weight, we will have additional 45's you can request from judge prior to your workout.

"Fun Run"

For Time:

RX Teams:

32/24 Calorie Bike

21 Synchro Burpees

Team Run

Scaled Teams:

24/18 Calorie Bike

15 Synchro Burpees

Team Run

All teammates will bike at the same time, all completing their bike calories before moving on to burpees. If at 2:00, all calories are not completed, a +2:00 pentalty will be assesed to that team’s total time. All teammates will burpee at the same time. All teammates must run together from start to finish. Run will be > 800m

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