Competition by: CrossFit Holland, I Write Your Stuff, ME-YR and Born Primitive
Big Red Rumble 2021

Competition by: CrossFit Holland, I Write Your Stuff, Business@Inc, LLC, and ME-YR.

The Big Red Rumble Fitness Competition

The West Michigan fitness event of 2021 is here!

The Big Red Rumble will be featuring team workouts and a solo athlete event as well. The top 3 teams in each division (Individual, Rx, and Scaled) will earn a spot on the podium and receive prize packages! 

The competitor divisions are as follows:


12 teams of two people (M/M and F/F)
Wondering if Scaled is for you? If you struggle to do unassisted pull-ups, we’d recommend this division.


12 teams of two people (M/M and F/F)
If pull-ups are pretty standard for you and you don’t have any debilitating injuries, this is for you!


Room for 10 men and 10 women to compete!
If you qualified for the Crossfit Quarterfinals or could have qualified, this is the event to rock!

There will be 4 WODs each and they will be announced at a later date.

Registration opens... NOW, and will be open until full. Early Bird specials are open until July 12th, 2021 or until capacity is filled- whichever happens first. Use the code EARLYBIRD2021 as long as it is valid to get discounted ticket pricing!

The following is going to be a brief overview of some rules and housekeeping. The name of the game, of course, is friendly competition. Follow the established rules, but number one is to remember to have a good time and not be a jerk. Violation of that rule will bar success in this competition.

So! Without further ado:

Professional judging will be provided and movement standards will be held to the highest degree of excellence. All judges will be educated and coached to execute the same uniformity for each competitor.

All judges will have the power to penalize teams for not following/incorrectly completing standards. If the judge issues a “NO REP,” please adhere to the call and make the necessary adjustment to meet the specified standard (read: try again). This competition is run professionally and is meant to be challenging yet fun. Verbal and/or physical abuse directed at any volunteer, athlete, spectator, or judge will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave immediately and your team disqualified if you cause an infraction on this rule.

Simply put: don’t be a jerk! We’re all here to have a good time.

Athlete packets and information will be available prior to the event. Literature will include heat times, workout descriptions, and movement standards. Please make yourselves familiar with all the activities before the competition begins! There will be time to ask questions before the events begin, but be sure to come prepared. Timeliness is key to the competition running smoothly, so we do insist on promptness and punctuality.

Masks will NOT be required at the event. As restrictions have lifted we are requiring that everyone take individual precautions as necessary and do not put yourself or others at risk of illness. Be responsible! While masks are not required, they are most certainly welcome. Maintain social distancing as much as possible.

All parking will be at our designated parking lot. A parking map will be included in the athlete packet. The map will also include the set-up to be expected for each workout, vendor locations, bathrooms, and designated areas for athletes and spectators.

Depending on the needs of WODs, we may ask you to move from the competition floor immediately after you event so that we may set-up for the next heat. Spectating is always welcome from appropriately designated viewing spaces. Cheering is always encouraged. Funny chants are great.

Scores will be entered in a timely manner, so please be patient as scores will be updated as soon as possible.

If you have questions, please wait until all event details have been released. We will work hard to have all questions answered prior to the day of the event!

*By registering for this event, you are giving CrossFit Holland permission to capture media footage (photo/video) that we can use for promotional use in the future. The media will be made available to all participates to use however they see fit.*

So, smile for the camera!

Let’s do this!


Here are the WODs for The Big Red Rumble. 

Elite Individual

Rx Partner

Scaled Partner

Math is Hard

Your score is your total barbell weight from all 8 rounds

So! Example: if you did all 8 minutes and didn’t fail any lifts at 135 pounds, your final score is 1080 pounds

You can add or subtract weight at any time, but as soon as you lift for that minute, your hands must remain on the barbell and you cannot drop the barbell until the final lift. 

You DO have the whole minute to finish, but you must start the complex over from the beginning if any of the three movements are called as a NO REP. If you don’t complete the lifts in that time, it will be marked zero

For partners, your score will be your combined weight lifted, you will share the same barbell, and you will have 90 seconds for the pair of you as opposed to 1 minute.  

We’re excited to see how everyone is going to approach this one! After all... MATH IS HARD


Rx Partners

You both row together and split the 2000 meters any way you want to. Once you get to a collective 2000 meters, then you may move on to the wall balls.

100 alternating wall balls will act like pistons in an engine, being that Partner A does one wall ball, then the Partner B catches the ball on the downward fall, squats, and sends it back up to the target. After B completes theirs, A catches the wall ball and begins the next rep. Each partner contributes one at a time to accumulate 100 between both partners. Partners will share a single target.

30 synchronized dumbbell snatches will be lifting the weight from the ground with no hand-on-leg assistance in a typical dumbbell snatch movement with both heads of the dumbbell touching the ground and ending with your arm locked out and above your head, hips extended, and feet flat on the ground. 

You and your partner must lift and lock out at the same time. Failure to do so will result in a “NO REP”. Dropping dumbbells end in a “NO REP” as well. 

You may alternate arms as needed.

Scaled Partners

Standards are the same as Rx with 14/10 pound wall balls and 35/25 pound dumbbells. 


The 2000 meter row must be completed before moving on to wall balls. 

50 wall balls is as usual: starting in a below-parallel squat and ending in the same. 100 wall balls will be completed using 20/14 pound ball. 

30 dumbbell snatches will then be completed with each motion beginning with both heads of the dumbbell touching the ground. You will then lift the weight from the ground with no hand-on-leg assistance in a typical dumbbell snatch movement ending with your arm locked out and above your head, hips extended, and feet flat on the ground. Dropping dumbbells end in a “NO REP.” 

You may alternate arms as needed.

Your final score is the time it takes to complete the workout!

Fear is the Mind-Killer

Elite Individuals

60 double-unders as per the norm. 60 full DUs must be completed. 

18 chest-to-bar pull-ups can be kipped as per usual CrossFit standards. Your chest must strike or touch the bar each time to count, otherwise it will count as “NO REP.”

Front squats will be pre-set using three separate bars in your lane in ascending weight order. 

In the first round, your front squats will be set for 12 reps of 185 pounds, lifted from the ground (you can make your first front squat a clean from the ground). After the first squat all remaining squats must go from a standing position, to a squat below parallel, and end in a full stand with hips extended. 

Your second round will conclude with 10 front squats with a weight of 205 pounds. Same standards as Round 1. 

Your third round will conclude with 8 front squats with a weight of 225 pounds. Same standards as previous rounds. 

When you finish your third round, if there is still time before the 9 minute capcash out with maximum bar muscle-ups. This means swinging from under the pull-up bar and finishing propped up on your hands, arms extended under you with the bar at approximately your waistline and your upper half fully above the bar. 

Rx Partners

For partners, you can split the workout any way you want, but only one partner will be working at any given time. 

60 double-unders, split any way you want. 

30 pull-ups split any way you want. . 

For each round you will do 12 front squats (lifting the bar from the ground on the first movement). Round 1 will have a weight of 135/95 pounds, Round 2 will be set for 155/105 pounds, and Round 3 will be set for 185/115 pounds. Three bars will be set for each team in their lanes in ascending weight order. 

If the workout has been completed under the 9 minute time cap, you will cash out with maximum chest-to-bars

Scaled Partners

Standards are the same, but sub in 100 single-unders instead of DUs, 30 ring rows, and weights for front squats will be R1: 95/65, R2: 115/85, R3: 135/95 and the cash out will be max pull-ups (chin over bar).

Falling With Style


You will do 21 barbell snatches starting from the ground and ending in a standing position, hips extended and arms completely extended. A full squat is not required. You are allowed to let go of the bar to reset at any time. Snatches that do not end in a full standing position will be considered a “NO REP.”

Immediately following the 21 snatches will be 21 burpee-to-targets. You will drop down to the ground with chest and thighs fully touching the ground. You will then push up and jump, slapping your hands against a target that will be determined on the day of the competition. There must be a two-feet-off-the-ground take-off each time to be considered a proper burpee.

After 21 target burpees are completed, you will do 15 snatches, followed by 15 target burpees. 

After completing that you will finish with 9 snatches and 9 target burpees. 

Final scores will be the time all requisite movements are completed! 

Rx Partner

Standards for the partner WOD of Falling with Style will be similar to individual, with some clear exceptions. Only one partner works at a time during the snatches, and the burpees will be synchronized. 

Partner A will do the 21 snatches as stated above, starting from the ground and ending in a standing position, hips extended and arms completely extended. A full squat is not required. You are allowed to let go of the bar to reset at any time. Snatches that do not end in a full standing position will be considered a “NO REP.”

Immediately concluding those snatches, Partner B will start 21 snatches, held to the same standards. 

At that conclusion, 21 burpees will begin between the two partners. Both partners while facing each other will drop down to the ground with chest and thighs fully touching the ground. On the ground, partners will apply forcible manual thrust to each other’s hands (known as a “two-handed-high-five”) before pushing up from the ground and jumping, completing the burpee.

Both partners will complete the 21 burpees at the same time, then Partner A will immediately begin 15 snatches, followed by Partner B doing 15 snatches

15 synchronized burpees will be completed together. 

After that, 9 snatches will be performed by Partner A, followed by Partner B doing 9 snatches

9 synchronized burpees will be completed together. 

Your score is your finishing time!

Scaled Partner

Standards are the same as Rx Partner, but snatches will be weighted 65/45 pounds respectively. 

And with that... let's get ready to RUMBLE! 

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Sat, September 25, 2021 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit Holland
76 S River Ave, Holland, Michigan, United States
CrossFit Holland

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