Thruster Ladder

2 Rep Thruster Ladder 

MRX  - 135-155-165-185-205-225-245 - Max

FRX - 95-105-115-125-145-155-165-Max

MScaled/Masters - 95-105-115-125-135-155-165 - Max

FScaled/Masters - 65-70-80-85-95-105-115 - Max

Teams will have 1 min to perform 2 consecutive thrusters each at the given weight from the rack. Teams will then have 1 min to transition to the next weight. 

Hips must clearly break parallel on the squat and arms must fully lock out overhead in one motion. Jerk thrusters are not allowed. Re dip of the legs is not allowed. 

Athletes have as many attempts as possible within the 1 minute time frame. If the bar is out of the rack and in motion by the sixty second mark then the lift will count as long as it is successful. 

Athletes may progress to the next weight as long as at least 1 member can perform two consecutive thrusters and the other member can front squat the weight at least twice. 

Only one athlete works at a time for co-ed teams. If the athlete fails the second thruster they may attempt the second thruster again as long as the bar does not touch the ground. If the bar touches the ground the athlete must start over. Athletes may squat clean or power clean the thruster in a second full attempt if the bar is dropped to the ground but must return it to the rack before they transition for the upcoming team. 

Athletes are responsible for cleaning the bar after their team. Athletes are responsible for returning their bar to the rack if it is dropped to the floor. Both members of the team can assist with returning the bar to the rack. Athletes are responsible for transitioning their scorecard to the next judge. Bars loaded with only 10’s or 15’s may not be dropped from any height. 

Co ed teams will have two racks per weight station on the ladder and two racks for the final max station. 

Lifting shoes, weight belts, wrist wraps, knees sleeves, elbow sleeves, tape, chalk are allowed. Straps are not allowed. Wod Wax is not allowed. 

There are two tie breakers.

If one athlete in the team can not thruster the weight then points can be earned for each time the athlete can front squat the weight. .Athletes who can not thruster the weight MUST front squat it at least twice in order to move on the next weight as long as one team member can thruster the weight twice. Athletes may perform the front squats on as many stations as they wish for extra points. 

The second tie break is a final station after the heaviest thruster station for each division. Athletes have 2 minutes to find a max thruster. Points are awarded for every 5# increments over the final weight. 

"Two Horns And A Pointy Tail"

"Two Horns And A Pointy Tail"
Cals Bike
16 Box Jump Overs
12 Devil's Press
50' OH Walking Lunge
10 min Cap

Reps can be broken up anyhow between partners. Devil's press is with two dumbbells. Partner starting the OH walking lunge must also finish the walking lunge for that round. OH Walking Lunge is with one dumbbell overhead. There will be a 25' turnaround where athletes will be required to switch arms.
💥Tie breaker is the time at the end of the Bike Cals.
💥10 min clock starts with the bike cals.
36 Cals for RX
28 Cals for Scaled and Masters
30/24" Box for RX
24/20" Box for Masters, step ups NOT allowed, step downs ok.
24/20" Box for Scaled, box step ups/downs allowed
60/40# Dumbbells RX
50/35# Dumbbells for Masters
35/20# Dumbbells for Scaled

Baby Got Back


36 GHD Sit Ups

24 Synchro Bar Facing Burpees

36 Deadlift 275/185

53 Chest to Bar

8 min Cap


36 GHD Sit Ups

24 Synchro Bar Facing Burpees

36 Deadlift 185/155

53 Pull Ups

8 min Cap


36 Knees to 90

24 Synchro Bar Facing Burpees

36 Deadlift 155/105

53 Jumping Pull Ups

8 min Cap

One Partner works at a time except during the Synchro Burpees. Teams may partition the reps as they wish.
RX males touch the floor and then the foot pad at the top of the GHD's. RX Females and Masters Males touch a 3" riser and pad. Masters females touch a 6" riser and pad. Scaled Males and Females will perform hanging knee raises from the rig to or above 90 degrees.

Both athletes' chests must be on the ground at same time before rising for the Synchro Bar facing Burpees. Athletes will be on the same side of the bar for the Burpees. RX and Masters must perform a 2 foot take off. Scaled athletes may step over the bar.

Athletes must reach full extension during the deadlift. No bouncing the bar. Any grip is acceptable. 

RX must perform chest to bar pull ups where the chest below the clavicle makes contact with the pull up bar. 

Masters must perform chin over the bar pull ups where the chin is clearly over the pull up bar. 

Scaled athletes will perform jumping pull ups from a height so that the pull up bar is 6" over the head of the athlete. 
8 Min Cap

Hamster Run

All Divisions

You and your partner will have 5 minutes total to both perform at least two but no more than three 15 sec "Hamster runs" each. 

The Tuff Tread treadmills are high performance treadmills with a protocol that measures power output by turning off the motor to the belt and cranking the incline so that the athlete powers the tread with leg drive. 

Your score will be the combined total of the top four (two from each partner) out of a max six attempts. 

For example:

Betty's 1st run = 7.7 watts, 2nd run  = 7.8 watts, 3rd run = 6.2 watts

Barbara's 1st run = 7.5 watts, 2nd run = 8.4 watts, 3rd run = 4.2 watts

Betty's combined top scores = 15.5

Barbara's combined top scores = 15.9

Their team score is 31.4

You must have two attempts per athlete but you may not have more than 3 attempts per athlete. The team gets 5 minutes total to complete up to 6 attempts. 

Athletes may rest as much as necessary within their allotted 5 minute time frame.  

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