Head to Toe

12 Minute AMRAP

8 calorie row
8 toes to bar
8 handstand push-ups

Each team member will complete one full round before tagging in their partner to complete a round. Partners will continue alternating rounds until the 12 minutes has expired.

Intermediate Division will perform toes to bar and handstand push-ups (measured to 2018 CrossFit Games Open standards)

Beginner Division will perform sit-ups and dumbbell shoulder to overhead (40/25).

3 Rep Max Deadlift - Male

3 rep max Deadlift 

-Overhand grip 
-Sumo not permitted 
-May not regrip 
-Belts OK but straps are not
-May not go down in weight
-Minimum 5lb increase
-Women will use 15kg bar, men 20kg 

Time frame TBD 
If you previously registered we will reach out and ask for your 1RM (estimate OK) to help us set the heats. 

The Cleans of Queens

200 double unders 
15 cleans 155/103
150 double unders 
12 cleans 185/123
100 double unders 
9 cleans 225/153

400 single unders
15 power cleans 135/93
300 single unders
12 power cleans 155/103
200 single unders
9 power cleans 185/123

Tie Break is the time you finish your last set of double unders. 

​​​​​​​Time Cap: 13 minuutes 


Please schedule your floater WOD time ASAP! 

Floater WOD 

Partner 1: 25 Wall Balls 
Partner 2: 25 Calories Assault Bike 
Partner 2: 25 Wall Balls 
Partner 1: 25 Calories Assault Bike 
Partner 1: 25 Wall Balls
Partner 2: 25 Calories Assault Bike

Intermediate 30/20
Beginner 20/14

Men will hit a 10' target
Women will hit a 9' target 

6 minute cap

Sat, September 22, 2018 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel
1645 Decatur St, Ridgewood, New York, United States of America
CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel

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