WOD #1 “Bounding Overwatch”

10:00 AMRAP

20 Alt. 20” Step-ups w/ DB (any hold allowed) B/I 40/25# [Rx 55/40#]
10 Synchro Alt. Hang DB Snatches 40/25# [55/40#]
10’ Suitcase Carry w/ DB 40/25# [55/40#]

Each team will form two M/F pairs. These M/F pairs will alternate doing rounds.

Once the WOD starts, DBs may never be set down. You must hold on to them for the whole round and then pass off to the next pair. If a DB is set down, then the whole team must do 3 synchro burpees before picking DBs back up.

Score = Rounds + Reps (Suitcase Carry = 1 rep)

See full details of WOD here.

WOD #2 “Move it”

12:00 AMRAP
Move cinder blocks between stations 25’ B/I – Ea. Person carry 1 block at a time [Rx – May carry 2 at a time]
200m Run B/I - EOMOM 2 team members go [Rx - EMOM] Starting at 0:00

Score = # of cinder blocks moved

See full details of WOD here.

WOD #3 “Conscription” AMRAP

8:00 AMRAP
Consisting of 2 Stations. Teams will split into M/F pairs. One pair will be on one station, while the other pair will be on the other station. Pairs will switch stations every time a pair completes one round of Station A.

Station A
2 Alt. Rope Climbs 13’ [4 Alt. Rope Climbs 13’] *For a 3 synchro burpee penalty by both athletes, one partner may do the rope climb for the other person instead of alternating.
8 Synchro KB Goblet Squats 55/35# [Synchro Alt. Pistols]

Station B
M/F pairs will decide who does the bike and who does the rower. This can be changed each round as desired.
Bike for Cals
Row for Cals

Score for the AMRAP will be Reps of Station A completed + # of Cals (we'll allow CALs to keep accumulating past 8:00 due to inertia and judges will note cals on bike or rower once they stop accumulating)

See full details of WOD here.

WOD #3 “Conscription” Complex

1 M/F pair will have 4:00 to get a MAX 1 Deadlift, 1 Hang Power Clean, 1 Hang Squat Clean Complex. Score will be the combined weight for the M/F pair. Doesn’t have to be the same M/F pair combination as in the AMRAP portion. The pair that is doing the HSPUs can help with setting up bars, collars, weights, etc.

See full details of WOD here.

WOD #3 “Conscription” HSPUs

4:00 AMRAP of HSPUs (B/I will do HSPUs to two abmats stacked on top of each other). One athlete will go first for 2 minutes, and then the other one will go immediately at 2-minute mark. Score will be the combined # of reps.

See full details of WOD here.

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