Bicycle Races

WOD 1 - Bicycle Races


Bike Cals - Pullups (scaled ring rows)

-1 Minute Rest-


Bike Cals - Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20 (scaled step over)

15 Min Time Cap


On a Rogue Echo Bike pedal forward the required number of calories. Must start at zero for each set. Athlete must reset monitor to zero (stop.stop.start) for the round to start. Any accumulation of calories prior to the start must be zeroed out.

Pull-Ups: The athlete must start each rep with arms fully extended and feet off the ground. Any style of pull-up or grip is permitted as long as requirements are met. The rep is credited when the chin breaks the horizontal plane of the bar. Chalk, grips and gloves are permitted. No Tape.

Ring Rows: (scaled) Athletes start standing tall with both rings in hands and feet positioned with heels fully on the inside of the tape. Athletes will lower themselves with knees remaining fully locked out and straight until elbows are completely straight and locked out. Athletes will pull themselves up by the rings until both rings touch the side of the chest, knees remaining locked out for the duration. After any break athletes start standing tall to resume rep count.

Burpee Box Jump Overs: A burpee box jump over is one in which the athlete drops to the floor with contact of the chest and thighs. Athletes may jump or step out. Athletes will then come up by stepping or jumping feet towards hands then jump over the box. There is no requirement to stand tall on top of the box. Athletes must jump across the long edge of the box. Rx must jump both feet to the top of the box and either jump or step down both feet to the other side of the box. The repetition will be counted when both feet touch the floor on the opposite side of the box. Scaled athletes will adhere to the same standards except that they must step onto the box with both feet and then may jump or step back down to the other side of the box. 

The MIA Bar Complex

WOD 2 - The MIA Bar Complex (from Wodapalooza 2022)

For Time w/ 5 minute cap:

3 Hang Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 Shoulder to Overhead

2 Hang Cleans

2 Front Squats

2 Shoulder to Overhead

1 Hang Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Shoulder to Overhead

On 3,2,1 Go... Athletes will address the first loaded barbell to perform 3 Hang Cleans, 3 Front Squats and 3 Shoulder to Overheads. Athletes will then advance over the barbell to the next loaded barbell to perform 2 Hang Cleans, 2 Front Squats, 2 Shoulder to Overheads. Athletes will then advance over the barbell to the final loaded barbell to attempt 1 Hang Clean, 1 Front Squat and 1 Shoulder to Overhead then advance over the barbell to the finish line. Score is time to complete within the 5 min time cap.


35-44 Men's Rx weights: 185# - 205# - 225#

35-44 Women's Rx weights 135# - 155# - 175#

45-54 Men's Rx weights 145# - 165# - 185#

45-54 Women's Rx weights 115# - 135# - 155#

55+ Men's Rx weights 135# - 155# - 175#

55+ Women's Rx weights 95# - 115# - 135#

35-44 Men's Scaled weights: 135# - 155# - 165#

35-44 Women's Scaled weights 95# - 105# - 115#

45-54 Men's Scaled weights 115# - 135# - 155#

45-54 Women's Scaled weights 80# - 95# - 105#

55+ Men's Scaled weights 95# - 115# - 135#

55+ Women's Scaled  weights 65# - 80# - 95#

Hang Clean: Athletes must first establish the barbell at the top of a deadlift before performing a clean into the front rack with elbows clearly in front of the barbell either from the the high hang or just above the knees. The hang clean must not go below the knee.

Front Squat: While standing tall with the barbell in the front rack; elbows clearly in front of the barbell, athletes will squat below parallel before standing tall with their hips and knees fully extended.

Shoulder to Overhead: While standing tall with the barbell in the front rack; elbows clearly in front of the barbell, athletes may use any of various techniques to get the barbell directly overhead into a fully extended, and locked out position. Acceptable techniques include; strict press, push press, push jerk or split jerk.

Master Blaster



18/14 Cal Row

14 DB Goblet Squats

10 Toes to Bar (Scaled - Knee Raises)

6 Power Snatch

Athletes will have 12 minutes to see how many rounds and repetitions they can accumulate at their division's prescribed movements and weights.

Divisional Weights:

35-54 (Men/Women) Rx DB Goblet Squats - (50/35) | Rx Snatches (115/75)

55+  (Men/Women) Rx DB Goblet Squats - (35/20 | Rx Snatches (95/65)

35-54 (Men/Women) Sc DB Goblet Squats - (35/20)

55+ (Men/Women) Sc DB Goblet Squats - (25/15)

35-44 (Men/Women) Scaled Snatches - (95/65)

45-54 (Men/Women) Scaled Snatches - (85/55)

55+ (Men/Women) Scaled Snatches - (5/45)


C2 Row - Your judge is responsible for the operation of the monitor. Athletes are responsible for setting up the operation of the rest of rower (foot pads and damper). The handle must remain in the cradle until the go portion of 3,2,1 Go... and the athlete must remain in the seat until the prescribed number of calories has accumulated on the monitor. The athletes cannot begin accumulating calories in the next round until the monitor is zero'd by the judge. Be Nice.

DB Goblet Squat - Using the dumbbell that is appropriate for your division, athletes will hold the dumbbell by one head under the chin and close to the chest. From standing tall athletes will then descend into a full squat. The crease of the athlete's hip must clearly pass below the top of the Athlete's knee in the bottom position. The rep is credited when the athlete stands tall with hips and knees fully extended. Do not drop the dumbbell. A no rep will be assigned and the last rep must be redone if the dumbbell is dropped.

Toes to Bar - Athletes begin by hanging from the bar with arms extended. Heels must be brought back behind the bar. Overhand, underhand or mixed grips are all acceptable. The rep is credited when both feet contact the bar between the hands at the same time. Any part of the feet may make contact with the bar.

Hanging Knee Raises (scaled only) - Much like the toes to bar standards... Athletes begin by hanging from the bar with arms extended. Heels must be brought back behind the bar. Overhand, underhand or mixed grips are all acceptable. The rep is credited when both knees clearly rise above the hip.

Power Snatch - The loaded barbell begins on the floor and must be lifted overhead to be received in the power position in one motion. This is NOT a ground to overhead. Clean and jerk is not permitted. Squat snatch is not permitted. Touch and go is permitted but intentionally bouncing the weights is not. The barbell can be dropped from overhead but it must settle on the floor before the athlete begins the next rep. The rep is credited when the barbell reaches full lockout with the hips knees and arms fully extended and the bar directly overhead or slightly behind the middle of the body with the feet in line.

Obstacle Course - Floater

Our Floater for the Masters Mayhem is once again going to be the O'course. It will feature at lease these obstacles perhaps more additions to come: Angled Platforms, elevated log hurdles, 8ft/6ft wall scales, tire mountain, figure 8s, tire agility sprint, hanging obstacles, sandbag complex, rope climb. 


Everyone must attempt each obstacle. In the event of a failed attempt each athlete has the option to try again or take the burpee penalty for that obstacle before advancing to the next obstacle. Each obstacle has a burpee penalty of three burpees with the exception or the slack line obstacle 8. At all times stay on the designated route. 

Obstacle 1 - Angled Platforms: From the starting pad navigate a series of six angled platforms jumping from one to the next as the angles become slightly steeper. Stay on the platforms until exiting that section. The ground is lava.

Obstacle 2 - Figure 8 sprints: Run a figure 8 around a series of posts according to the designated route.

Obstacle 3 - Tire Agility Sprint: Navigate a series of tires lying flat on the ground. One foot must touch the ground through the interior of the circle of each tire. (note: all tires are not the same size) a trip or bobble does NOT disqualify the obstacle. Simply resume the sprint with the next tire in the sequence. Falling or exiting the tires does qualify as a missed attempt. Athlete will then start that obstacle over or take the burpee penalty.

Obstacle 4 - Elevated Log Hurdles: Athletes will navigate up and over a series of three logs in any way they can to get over the logs.

Obstacle 5 - Tire Mountain: Athletes will go up and over three stacks of tires however they determine to be the most efficient for them.

Obstacle 6 - Wall Scales: The Men's wall is 8' tall. The Women's wall is 6' tall with a 2x4 ledge at 3'. Get up and over however you can.

Obstacle 7 - Sandbag Complex: Rx Men will use a 70# sandbag, Rx Women and Scaled men will use a 50# Sandbag. Scaled Women will use a 40# Sandbag. The complex will consist of 12 Sandbag deadlifts (on the first mat) followed by a carry (at the top of the deadlift) to the next mat. Athletes will then perform 9 hang cleans before advancing the sandbag to the next mat in the front rack position. Athletes will then perform 6 shoulder to overheads before advancing the sandbag in an overhead carry to the last mat. Athletes will deposit the sandbag on the last mat to advance to the next obstacle.

Obstacle 8 - Slackline Hanging Grip Traverse: Each athlete will jump to the first hanging obstacle to swing to the next as they traverse the length of the slackline. There are a total of 8 hanging grips. Athletes may not swing across an obstacle to skip any implement. Each of the 8 hanging grips must be completed in order. Once the athlete grabs the last obstacle they can swing down to the landing mat and on to the next and last obstacle. There is a 2 burpee penalty for each missed obstacle with a max of 14 burpees for the slackline. 

Obstacle 9 - Rope Climb: The final obstacle consists of a 16' Rope Climb Navigate to the top to ring the bell. Women will climb to the 13' mark. Scaled athletes will do 6 (men) 4 (women) Rope Lay Downs to complete the course. Rope Lay Downs: Stand tall then lower yourself by the rope to the mat then pull back to standing while maintaining a rigid plank. Upon completion of the last laydown scaled athletes will ring the PR bell to complete the course.


1RM Clean & Jerk

Immediately after time expires on "The MIA Bar Complex" athletes will have 4 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk using the barbell from the final weight in the complex. Any manner of Clean or Jerk is acceptable. (Power Clean, Squat Clean, Split Clean, Push Jerk, Split Jerk) This is NOT a shoulder to overhead the barbell MUST be jerked.  Athletes may make as many attempts as they wish. Athletes may go up or down in weight as they wish. Athletes will load and/or unload their own barbell. Athletes may not make their first attempt for their 1RM during The MIA Bar Complex BUT you may preload the barbell. Clips must be used. As long as the attempt is started before time expires, a successful attempt will be credited to the athlete.


Clean and Jerk:

Any Manner of Clean and Jerk is acceptable. On 3,2,1... Go! Athletes will clean the barbell from the floor into the front rack position. There is no requirement to stand tall with the barbell in the front rack. Athletes may go directly into the jerk portion or the lift. Athletes will jerk the cleaned barbell overhead. A press-out does not negate the attempt.  Athletes must show control with the barbell fully locked out overhead. The barbell must finish directly over or slightly behind the top of the head with the athlete's hips and knees and elbows fully open. Any attempt made with no clips is a no rep. Once your judge acknowledges a good rep, the barbell may be returned to the floor for a successful attempt.

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