5k Fueled by Monarca Mexican

5k Run for Time will start on Marble Street near Elm, continue to Church Street then Water Street, joining the Silver Comet Trail. Athletes will continue west on the trail to the turn-around point then back towards Rockmart, finishing on the Seaborne Jones Park spur of the trail at the Elm Street bridge.

DBall Loft it Up

"DBall Loft It Up" Fueled by City Cellar and Loft

DBall Throw for Distance. Athletes will have 3 DBalls (50lb for the guys, 40lbs for the ladies) and 1:00 on the Clock. All throws have to be behind the line. Athletes can retrieve and throw as many times as they would like in the 1:00. At the end of the 1:00 score is the single farthest dball on the field. 

Any style throw is permitted. Any balls that go off the field of play cannot be used again by that athlete. Score of the farthest ball is the final resting position of that ball. Ball must be in the air, not in the process of being thrown when time expires to count.

Row on Down the River

Row on Down the River fueled by River Remedy Brewing Co.

500m Row For Time.

Heats of 8 athletes will run at a time on the Concept 2 Rower. Fastest Male and Female take the event win and the $30 Gift Certificate River Remedy Brewing Co Gift Certificate.

Lift Big, Carry Big, Eat Big

Lift Big, Carry Big, Eat Big fueled by Macro's Gourmet Meal Prep

Sandbag Lift and Carry Event.

Each Heat will start will all athletes of the same gender. Each athlete will be given a 1:00 time limit to lift the sandbag to their shoulder, gain control then walk the 25' course. Sandbag does not have to stay on the shoulder but it can not touch the ground at any point during the walk. 

The next athlete will start as soon as the sandbag is reset the starting position.

After all athletes have had their 1:00 min, unsuccessful athletes will be eliminated and the weight on the sandbag will increase. Starting weight

for both Men and Women is 50lbs going up to 300lbs.

Score is total weight moved.

In the event of a tie at the heaviest weight. Tie Break will be a head to head competition. Using the last sandbag weight successfully lifted. Athletes, will, 2 at a time lift the bag to any carry position off the ground and walk for distance. Farthest distance wins the event. 

Sat, November 26, 2022 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Silver Comet CrossFit
120 S Marble St, Rockmart, Georgia, United States
Silver Comet CrossFit

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