Competition by: ARMR CrossFit
Fittin in the Mitten

3rd annual Fittin in the Mitten Competition is throwin' down June 3rd!! 

Find your team of 3 now! 

-Same sex teams

-All Rx, or all scaled

Below are the requirements for Rx teams: It would be wise to make sure at least 2 teammates can do ALL the requirements 

  • Bench press up to 245/135
  • Bear Complex up to 225/155 (clean, front squat, shoulder to overhead, back squat, shoulder to overhead)
  • Chest to bar 
  • Double Unders

Requirements for Scaled teams:

  • Bench Press 205/105
  • Bear Complex up to 175/115
  • Pullups 
  • Single unders

Sat, June 3, 2023 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Central Standard Time
ARMR CrossFit
3229 Oak St suite 110, Hudsonville, Michigan, United States
ARMR CrossFit

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