Male and Female teammates will use the same barbell. On 3,2,1, go, once the barbell is picked up it may not touch the ground again without incurring a five synchro-burpee penalty each and every time. Teams may pass the barbell between themselves as needed. 

Rx teams will use a 20kg barbell loaded to 85lbs.

Scaled teams will us a 15kg barbell loaded to 55lbs.

Starting with males on thrusters,

Males - 30 Thrusters/ Females - 30 Front Squats

Males - 30 Hang Power Snatches/ Females - 30 Hang Power Cleans

Males - 30 Frt Rack Alt. Forward Lunges/ Females - 30 Back Rack Alt. Reverse Lunges

Each set of movements must be completed before moving to the next set.

8 minute time cap. 1 second will be added for every rep left incomplete.

Tiebreak will the the time to complete the first set of movements. (thrusters/front squats)


Thrusters - Power clean or squat clean into the first thruster is acceptable. Athlete must clearly squat below parallel with barbell in the front rack position (elbows in front of the barbell) then stand tall with knees and hips open and arms locked out overhead. With head pushed through the hole barbell must be overhead or base of the neck. If barbell touches the floor, a power clean or squat clean into the subsequent thruster is acceptable.

Front Squat - After receiving barbell from partner, athlete must clearly squat below parallel with barbell in the front rack position (elbows in front of the barbell) then stand tall with knees and hips open. If barbell touches the floor, a power clean or squat clean into the subsequent front squat is acceptable.

Hang Power Snatch - After receiving barbell from partner, athlete will initiate HPS from the hang position. Barbell may not go beyond the knee as this will result in a no rep. Athlete must stand tall with knees, hips open

Dead and Over

For Time

21-18-15-12-9 Reps of:

Unbalanced Team Dead-Lifts Rx 290- Scaled 220

Box Jump Overs Rx 24" - Scaled 20"


Each team will address the Deadlift together to complete all reps in each round. Any combination of pronated/mixed grip is allowed. The 20kg barbell will be loaded in the following manner:

Rx 290 - 2)45# 2)25# ------ 1)45# 1)35# 1)25#

Scaled 220 - 1)45# 1)35# 1)25# ------ 1)45# 1)15# 1)10#

Box Jump Overs will be performed relay style and teammates may switch out as many times as desired. A one jump minimum is required for both athletes for each round but may not advance until all reps are completed for each round. (example: if one teammate does 21 box jumps in the round of 21 the other partner must still complete one box jump) One teammate must remain in an on deck area while the other teammate performs Box Jump Overs and must be tagged before coming out of the on deck area. This will remain true even after the last repetition prior to going back to the dead lifts. From the long side of the box a two foot take-off and two foot landing onto the top of the box is required for Rx. From the long side of the box, step ups are allow, but not required for scaled. Both feet must start on the ground. Both feet must also be on the top of the box at the same time. You may start your jumps facing the box or lateral to the box. Both are acceptable. Corner jumps are not allowed. Time will stop when, after the final box jump, the working partner tags the on deck partner.

Tiebreak will be the time on the clock when the working partner tags the on deck partner prior to the round of 15.

Only the Strong Survive

1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk

With an 8 Minute Running Clock, Teams will make as many attempts as they wish to establish their 1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk.

Power Clean or Squat Clean is acceptable.

Push Jerk or Split Jerk is acceptable.

Partners will share the 8 minutes while only 1 teammate may attempt a lift at a time. Males will use a 20kg barbell. Females will use a 15kg barbell. Weight must be declared to judge prior to making the attempt. Partners may help one another load each other's barbells. Individuals may take as many attempts as wanted/needed at each weight. Loads may be reduced and again declared to their judge. Heaviest lift will be scored.

Loaded Barbell comes from the floor. During the Clean portion of the lift, competitor must stand tall with barbell clearly in the front rack position (elbows in front of the barbell) and clearly in control. Then jerk the barbell overhead and again stand tall with barbell over the base of the neck and in full control before barbell comes back to the floor. Your judge will give the "OK" signal prior to the barbell coming back to the floor.

Failure to be in control is a "no rep".

Failure to stand tall is a "no rep".

A push press is a "no rep".

Dropping the barbell into a competitor's lane is a "no rep".

Floater - Fly Like an Eagle

GHD Med Ball Toss

Individual athletes may adjust GHD machine to desired set-up.

Rx - w/ med ball on ground. Males 10# ball - Females 8# ball

Scaled - w/ med ball on 16" box. Males 8# ball - Females 6# ball

Each teammate will have three throws. With feet anchored in GHD, reach back and overhead. Grab the med ball. Sit up on machine to throw med ball as far as possible without full stop at any point until ball leaves athlete's grip.

Overhead soccer style throw, and push pass style throw from chest are both acceptable throws.

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