WOD #1 “Get into the fight”

4 Round Relay for time:

  • 11 Burpee Box Jump-overs 20"
  • 5 Shuttle Runs 25' x 2 (Back & Forth = 1)
  • Move weighted "marker" 25' (16x total)

Each team runs through the relay one member at a time in whatever order they desire. Order will stay the same throughout the relay. The next team member may start as soon as the prior team member has finished the burpee box jump-overs. Once a team member completes their round of shuttle runs, they may move one of the team's weighted markers 25'. Team members will each cycle through the relay 4 times. There are 8 markers. For the first 8x, markers will be moved in one direction. Then for the second 8x, the markers will be moved back to their starting position. Once all markers have been moved the 25' back and forth, the relay is completed.

Score = Time (Cap 12:00)

See full description of WOD & all movement standards here.

WOD #2 “Dead Weight”

12:00 AMRAP

  • Partner Deadlift buy-in
  • Partner Wheel-barrow 30'
  • Bike and row for cals

Score = Combined score of the calories on the bike and rower

Two athletes select one of the following partner deadlift buy-ins:

  • 30 reps @ 225 lbs
  • 15 reps @ 405 lbs

Once a pair completes the required # of deadlifts, they then proceed to the partner wheel-barrow for a 30' distance. Once they complete this, they may begin rowing and biking. At that point the next pair begins on their deadlifts (as soon as the "wheelbarrow" passes the 30' line). Once that pair reaches the bike and rower, they may switch out with the pair rowing and biking as desired. There is no requirement to switch out immediately. Once a switch has been made, that athlete may only row again after going through the buy-in again. There is no requirement for any single athlete to switch out from rowing or biking; however, it always takes 2 athletes to complete a buy-in. Keep all this in mind as you develop a strategy for your team.

See full description of WOD & all movement standards here.

WOD #3 “Guard the base”

25:00 AMRAP
Complete as many of the following as possible in 25:00. Completing each of the tasks listed below will earn the athlete performing the task a colored ping pong ball. After completing every task performed, athletes take their earned ping pong ball and return it to their base. One athlete from each team has to stay at their base at all times. Athletes may only be holding one ping pong ball at a time.

For 1 pt each:
There is no limit on the number of white ping pong balls teams can collect.

  • 200m run [white]

For 5 points each:
Each team can earn a max of 25 points per exercise below, i.e. 5 maximum of each color of ping pong.

  • 10 Wall Walks [red]
  • 5 Rope Climbs 16' [blue]
  • 20 Slam Ball Cleans over 5' Obstacle/Hurdle [yellow]
  • 20 Stick Jumps 30/24" [green]
  • 20 Tire flips [pink]

Score = Points earned from collecting the various colored ping pong balls.

See full description of WOD & all movement standards here.

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