Short And Bitter

10 Minute AMRAP

One Team Member Working at a Time. Teams can split up reps and calories however they want to.

30 Calorie Row

30 Hang Power Snatch (RX-M-75/F-55) (Scaled-M-55/F-35)

20 Box Jump Overs (RX-M-30/F-24) (Scaled can do step overs-M-24/F-20)

20 Thrusters (RX-M-75/F-55) (Scaled-M-55/F-35)

10 Calorie Bike

1 Team Member will be holding the the barbell at the top of a deadlift while the Row, Box Jump Overs, and Bike are taking place. If the Barbell is dropped the other person will have to stop and wait until the barbell is back at the top of the deadlift.
There Might Be Blood

3 separate 90 Sec windows: ONE chance at an Unbroken set of Power Cleans. RX-Male 135/155/185. Female 95/105/125. Scaled- Male 95/105/125. Female 60/70/80

30 Seconds between each round to change weights, all team members can help change weight.
With It Or On It

For Time (Athletes split up reps however desired) 

400 M Run 

50 Dead Lift

400 M Run 

50 Wall Ball

400 M Run 

50 Pull Up 

500 Meter Row 

Dead Lift Weights,RX'd: Male- 185 D, Female-135 

Scaled: Male-135, Female-95

Wall Ball Weights, RX'd Male-20 @ 10' Target, Female 14 @ 9' Target

Scaled: Male-14 @ 10' Target, Female-10 @ 9' Target

Instead of Pull-Ups scaled athletes will do Ring Rows

Floater WOD Aww Push It

Teams Can Break It Up How They Want

One Person Working At A Time

400 Meter Sled Push For Time

RX'd Males 90 Lbs On Sled/Females 60 Lbs On Sled

Scaled Males 60 Lbs On Sled/Females 40 Lbs On Sled

Sat, July 28, 2018 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit Hardcharger
670 Dormitory St, London, Kentucky, United States
CrossFit Hardcharger Owner Jacob Floyd
I love to compete and have a good time. I also love to watch others compete. This will be the third competition that I have helped organize at CrossFit Hardcharger. I wanted to create a local competition to help out local groups and charities when I began this gym. This is my way of giving back.

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