"The Mom Hustle"

8 Min AMRAP:

Cash In: 20# Medball Run (200m) (one time only)

10 Box Jumps (20" Box) (Hips must be open prior to feet leaving the box)

10 Wall Balls (12# Ball) (Ball must touch silver line, hips below parallel)

"Back and Forth"

2 Rounds for Time: (Time Cap 9 Mins)

12 KB Snatches (16kg) (KB must be locked out overhead, bicep covering ear, hips open)

5 Box Step Overs (w/ KB racked at or above chest height, both feet must touch top of box)

KB Lunges to Bike(w/ KB racked at or above chest height, knee must touch ground and hips open at top) Athletes will Lunge 30 feet in 6' sections

10 Cals on Bike

Return Trip

KB Lunges back to Box (w/ KB racked at or above chest height)

5 Box Step Overs (w/ KB racked at or above chest height)

12 KB Snatches

**The time of finish is at the last KB Snatch on the 2nd return trip**

"Get Everything in the Car!

10 Clean and Jerks (65lb) (Full squat clean, hips below parallel, hips open at the top with arms locked overhead)

10 Bar Over Burpees (Lateral, both feet must leave the floor at the same time)

Then in remaining time find your heaviest squat clean.  **Must get below parallel for rep to count.  A power clean to front squat is allowed.

7 MIn Time Cap

"This Baby is Too Heavy"

Any time after the first heat of Wod #1 has begun individuals will have the opportunity to complete as many bars of a Deadlift Ladder in 90 secs.  Each bar will be worth 10 points (counted as reps).  Athletes must start with the 1st (lightest) bar, if the athlete fails a lift the ladder is over.  Athletes will need to ask a judge to time them and judge their lifts for deadlift standards.  Athletes choosing to attempt the ladder must have their attempt complete prior to the end of the last heat of WOD #3.


15 Cals Assault Bike

15 Thrusters (95lbs)

25 Double Unders

Run 1 Mile

10 Bumper Burps (45 lb plate)

10 Pull-Ups/Toes to Bar

5 Handstand Push-ups

Sat, October 20, 2018 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit Legitimus
130 Dowd Ave, Canton, Connecticut, United States
Beckie Dawson

Jenny Conlin

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