Dirty Dancing

Timecap: 12 minutes


2x100m Partner Carry (each partner must carry)

40 Thrusters 75/55

2x100m Partner Carry

40 Thrusters 95/75

2x100m Partner Carry

100 Burpees over the bar


2x100m Farmer's Carry 53/35

40 Thrusters 45/35

2x100m Farmer's Carry 53/35

40 Thrusters 45/33

2x100m Farmer's Carry 53/35

60 Burpees over the bar

Point Break


Clean and Jerk Ladder

135/95, 155/105, 175/115, 195/125 - 2min timecap

2min break, top 6 teams advance to final round

225/145, 245/155, 265/165, 285/175 - 2min timecap


Clean Ladder

95/65, 115/75, 135/85, 155/95 - 2min timecap

2min break, top 6 teams advance to final round

165/105, 175/115, 185/125, 195/135 - 2min timecap

The top 6 teams advance to the final heat.

First partner completes the ladder.  Upon the judges cue, the second partner begins through the ladder.  Time stops when second partner finishes. 

Sat, October 27, 2018 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Cigar City CrossFit
1703 N 24th St, Tampa, Florida, United States
Cigar City CrossFit
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