Competition by: Dominick Maurici
Caution Grounds 8

Caution Grounds 8, is a community based fitness event that has involved our South Florida Community. We have dedicated our passion to the audience and a variety of FUN the last 7 years. We challenge you to come out and part-take, along with your family and friends to one of South Florida's most continues Fitness Competitions, Since 2011

Divisions will be: 

  • Women Scaled
  • Men Scaled 
  • Women RX
  • Men RX 
  • Co'ed Teams of 4 (2 Males/2 Females) -RX ONLY
  • Mommy/Daddy and Me 

Standards for Divisions:

  • Women Scaled
    • Ring Rows
    • Box Jump 20" (Step Up Allowed)
    • Clean and Jerk 75lbs
    • Back Squat 125lbs
  • Men Scaled
    • Pull Ups
    • Box Jump 24"
    • Clean and Jerk 115lbs
    • Back Squat 185lbs
  • Women RX
    • Pull ups
    • Box Jump 24"
    • Clean and Jerk 115lbs
    • Back Squat 165lbs
  • Men RX
    • Chest to Bar
    • Box Jump 30"
    • Clean and Jerk 165lbs
    • Back Squat 245lbs
  • Co'ed Teams
    • Same as RX for Both Women and Men. 
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Sat, February 2, 2019 5:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Caution CrossFit
NW 79th St, Hialeah, Florida, United States
Dominick Maurici
I discovered CrossFit in 2008 and rose to the level of being a regional games competitor and owning my own box.

Like being in many sports as a child made me a superior athlete then, I believe as adults, we can also excel if we add variety to our training system.  No one system is the end-all-be-a

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