• BAVARIAN STONE LIFT: Last man standing event. 3 attempts to find your max lift. 1 missed attempt, and your attempts are over. 50lb increment jumps. Starting weights:
    • ​​​​​​​WOMEN
      • LW Novice: 250lb
      • HW Novice, LW Open, MW Masters: 250lb
      • MW Open, HW Masters: 300lb
      • HW Open: 300lb
      • SHW Open: 350lb
    • MEN
      • LW Noice: 350lb
      • HW Novice, LW Open, MW Masters: 350lb
      • MW Open, HW Masters: 400lb
      • HW Open: 500lb
      • SWH Open: 550lb
  • TEENS: Last Male/Female Standing Dead Lift. Conventional or Sumo. Starting weights: Males- 225lbs. Females: 135lbs. 20lb increments. Athletes can complete or pass on weight increments as they rise. One miss and the event ends for the athlete. 
  • FARMERS CARRY: Last man standing. 50' carries without dropping. 3 attempts to find your max. 1 missed attempt, and your attempts are over.
    • WOMEN (per hand)
      • LW Novice: 100lb
      • HW Novice, LW Open, MW Masters: 120lb
      • MW Open, HW Masters: 120lb
      • HW Open: 140lb
      • SHW Open: 180lb
    • MEN (per hand)
      • LW Noice: 175lb
      • HW Novice, LW Open, MW Masters: 200lb
      • MW Open, HW Masters: 200lb
      • HW Open: 260lb
      • SWH Open: 280lb
    • Teens: 
      • 1 attempt. Max distance
      • Males: 88lbs
      • Females: 53lbs

  • STONE TO SHOULDER: Max reps. 60 seconds. Pick the stone up and get it to your shoulder. Demonstrate control: body is stationary with one arm on the stone. Weights are:
    • WOMEN
      • LW Novice: 95lb
      • HW Novice, LW Open, MW Masters: 115lb
      • MW Open, HW Masters: 145lb
      • HW Open: 175lb
      • SHW Open: 175lb
    • MEN
      • LW Noice: 145lb
      • HW Novice, LW Open, MW Masters: 175lb
      • MW Open, HW Masters: 215lb
      • HW Open: 265lb
      • SWH Open: 300lb
    • Teens
      • Males: 115lbs
      • Females: 65lbs

  • HAMMER HOLD: Hold the hammer out for as long as you can.
    • WOMEN/TEENS: 1 Hammer. 25lb. Hold it straight out from your body with two hands.
    • MEN: CRUCIFIX HOLD. 2 Hammers. 25lb. Hold each hammer out way from your body in the shape of a cross.

  • MEDLEY: For time. 60 second time cap. Carry 1 keg 50'. Clean and press a Circus DB. Carry a heavier Keg back 50'. Clean and press a Log. Weight for the Keg, DB, Keg, Log are as follows:
    • WOMEN
      • LW Novice: 100, 65, 135, 95lb
      • HW Novice, LW Open, MW Masters: 100, 70, 135, 115lb
      • MW Open, HW Masters: 135, 80, 165, 125lb
      • HW Open: 165, 90, 185, 145lb
      • SHW Open: 185, 90, 225, 155lb
    • MEN
      • LW Noice: 185, 95, 200, 175lb
      • HW Novice, LW Open, MW Masters: 200, 115, 225, 215lb
      • MW Open, HW Masters: 200lb, 135, 225, 225lb
      • HW Open:  225, 175, 275, 255lb
      • SWH Open: 275, 200, 300, 275lb
    • Teens
      • Males: 75, 65, 100, 85
      • Females: 75, 45, 75, 65
Sat, June 22, 2019 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time
Unbreakable Athletics Academy
2198 Reeves Rd, Plainfield, Indiana, United States
Unbreakable Athletics Academy, Jim Beebe
Our gym has three, different training teams. We have CrossFit for most of our adults and some student-athletes. We have Sports Performance for most of our student-athletes. We also have Heavy Athletics for our Strongmen and Powerlifters.

Apollo Strength Equipment
Apollo Strength Equipment is here to make your vision a reality by providing unique and innovative staple fitness equipment for both residential and commercial settings. Our equipment is designed, built and tested by Strongman competitor's for superior results and performance.

Strongman Corp
The American Strongman Corporation (ASC) is the sole sanctioning and governing body for the sport of professional strongman in the United States. ASC provides American athletes with yearly opportunities by promoting several professional strongman contests across the country.

The Coachman Restaurant
Larry and Becky Painter

Our family and staff would like to welcome you to our independently owned and operated restaurant: where the customer is our number one priority. Being Plainfield residents, we noticed a tremendous need for a local, full service restaurant and we were happy to provide it.

Jack’s Donuts
The best donuts and coffee around. Friday weigh-ins will be at their store. And they will be on hand selling donuts and coffee at the event!!

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