6 minutes to find max power clean + hang power clean + shoulder to overhead anyhow (press, push press, push jerk or split jerk) 

This is to be done as a complex, with the hands on the bar for all three movements.

Standards and tips are in the video!


8 minutes to complete:

20 burpees to a plate (45/25lb plate for all athletes)

15 power cleans (75/55 beginner, 95/65 intermediate)

15 front squats 

10 push press

15 front squats

15 power cleans

Max burpees to a plate in remaining time


AMRAP in 7 minutes

Up ladder by 3’s

3 box jump up and overs (beginners may step up)

3 KB swings (Beginner: 45/25, Intermediate: 55/35)

3 weighted sit ups (Beginner: 15/10 bumper plate, Intermediate: 25/15 bumper plate)


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