Syncro Ladies

30 Syncro Snatches / Clean and Jerks #135/95 RX #105/65 Scaled

30/25 Cal Row / 30/25 Cal Bike

-one athlete will perform snatches and row

-other athlete will perform clean and jerks and bike

-syncro @ top of movement, clock stops once both machines are complete

Earn your bench

Mile Run on assault Runner

-alternate with partner every 400

How much ya  bench

Max Bench in remaining time from mile run

Cap 11 RX

Cap 12 All other divisions 

Is it over yet?

80 C2B Pullups (Pullups)

40 Burpees Over Planked Partner

60 Back Squats #135/95 (115/75)

40 Burpees Over Planked Partner

80 T2B (Knees to Chest)

40 Burpees Over Planked Partner

Sat, June 15, 2019 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM UTC
Branford CrossFit
965 W Main St, Branford, Connecticut, United States
Craig Kenney

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