The Road to Glory

Your challenge begins in Wes Point Park.

Station 1:

Team of 4

  • 2 partners (A) perform 100 air squats to medicine ball (50 each).
  • 2 partners (B) perform 100 medicine ball sit ups (50 each).
  • Partners A and B will then switch and repeat.
  • If A completes their portion first they must wait until B finishes before they can begin.
  • Once each team has completed both sections, team medicine ball run to The Bar Athletics via Center street --> Wilson Avenue (2 med balls per team).
  • You will carry your medicine balls throughout the ENTIRE challenge!

My So Called Legs

Hit the Bar, Skip the hangover...

Station 2:

  • Partner's A row 500m each while Partner's B complete 100 partner wall balls (50 each)
  • Once both partner groups are finished, each team member will push a sled 100'
  • Proceed with your wallballs to next station.

WTF? - Where's The Finish

Don't worry, it's almost time for a donut..

​​​​​​​Station 3:

  • Partner's A complete 200' farmer's carry together while Partner's B hold a low plank position.
  • If Partner's B break plank, Partner's A must STOP and wait until both partner's resume planking before continuing.
  • Once Partner's A complete farmer's carry, they move to the plank station while Partner's B move to the farmer's carry station and repeat the process.
  • Team medicine ball run to Wes Point Park via Euclid Avenue.

Welcome back teams, you're almost there!!!

​​​​​​​Station 4:

  • Partner's B row 500m each, then 20 burpees over the rower.
  • Partner's A complete 100 medicine ball push ups and 20 lateral burpees over the medicine ball.
  • First team to claim The Bar Flag is declared heat winner!
Sat, June 1, 2019 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
West Point Park
38132 Euclid Ave, Willoughby, Ohio, United States of America
The Bar Athletics
Our goal is simple:To improve the lives of our members, our staff, strengthen our community, and use the business as a means for us to give back to our area in a broader way.

Live Well WIlloughby
This one-day event is guaranteed to inspire, engage, and most importantly educate community members on the most current health and wellness information. We invite you to take a stroll through the park and visit the vendors, get your sweat on at a live fitness class, and then fuel your body.

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