Double Nickle


55 Dead Lifts – Rx 225/155, Scaled 185/125, 55+ Rx 185/125, 55+  Scaled 135/95

55 Wall Balls to Target – Rx 20/14, Scaled 14/10; Target Height 10’/9’

55 Calorie Row all divisions

55 Kettle Bell Swings – Rx 53/35, Scaled 44/26


Athletes will have 12 minutes to complete all reps of each movement in sequence. At the completion of the 55th kettle bell swing, if time remains on the clock, the athlete will start the sequence from the beginning of the deadlifts and proceed in the same manner until time runs out.


Dead Lift – The dead lift will be a traditional dead lift in which the barbell will be gripped with hands outside the knees. Sumo Dead Lifts are not allowed. Starting at the floor, the barbell is lifted until hips and knees reach full extension with the head and shoulders behind the bar. The arms must be straight throughout. No bouncing.

Wall Ball to Target – In the wall ball shot the med ball will be taken from the bottom of the squat, hip crease below the knee, and thrown to hit the specific target. The Center of the ball MUST hit the target of the specific height. If the ball hits low or fails to touch the target, it is a no rep. If the ball falls to the ground it may NOT be caught on the bounce. The ball must settle on the ground before being picked up for the next rep.

Calorie Row – The monitor on the rower must be set to zero at the beginning of each row. The athlete or the judge may reset the monitor. The athlete must be seated with feet in the foot pads prior to the beginning of each row. The athlete must remain seated with feet in the foot pads for the duration of the 55 calorie row. The athlete will continue to pull the handle until all 55 calories have been counted and verified by the judge on the monitor.

Kettle Bell Swings – Each kettle bell swing will be an American style kettle bell swing. The bell must break the plane of the athlete’s legs before being brought up to full arm extension, elbows locked out, at the top with the bottom of the kettle bell facing the ceiling.

The Savage

8 Minutes to find 1RM "Macho Man" Complex

Macho Man consists of:

3 Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 Jerks


Athletes will have 8 minutes to establish a 1RM Macho Man Complex. Prior to the start of the clock, athletes will declare their body weight to the judge for purposes of a tiebreak. On 3,2,1...Go! Athletes will load an empty barbell, 35# for women and 45# for men, to their desire weight attempt then declare this weight (in five pound increments) to their judge for verification. Clips are required to be in place. Athletes may make as many attempts in 8 minutes as they desire. Each change of weight must be declared to the judge. Athletes may increase or decrease the weight of each attempt as they see fit whether the attempted lift was successful or not. The heaviest successfully completed complex will be recorded as their final score for this complex. Each attempt must be completed in its totality without letting go or re-gripping the barbell before time expires. Each lane will have an appropriate amount of weight BUT if you need more please let us know before the time starts.

Tiebreak: In the case of a tie, the athlete with the lower body weight will be awarded the higher position. In the case of a dispute we will pull out the scale.



Cleans may be of any variety; muscle clean, power clean, squat clean or split clean. The clean must start from the floor and finish in the fully upright front rack position with hips and knees extended and elbows in front of the vertical plane of the bar. If a split clean is performed the feet must come back together with hips and knees fully extended to finish. Just as in the other types of cleans. The second and third clean in the complex must be touch and go to the floor without dropping or re-gripping.

Front Squats:

Front squats will start at the end of the third clean. With barbell in the front rack position, athlete will squat until hip crease is below the top of the knee as determined by the judge. The athlete will then stand up with hips and knees fully extended before squatting back down for the second and third repetition in the complex.


The jerks may be of any variety: push jerk, squat jerk or split jerk. At the end of the third front squat, the athlete will begin the first jerk by dipping back down for the first of three jerks. Once received in the "catch" position, the athlete must then stand tall with both feet together and hips and knees fully extended and the barbell directly over or slightly in front of the athlete's head. Failure to stand each jerk back up will result in a "no-rep" for that single portion of the complex. The athlete may go straight into the second and third jerks from the "rebound" of bringing the barbell from overhead back into the front rack position. A push press is not a jerk and will result in a "no-rep".

As long as the barbell is not dropped or re-gripped, a "no-rep" on any portion of the complex will result in the athlete only having to repeat that single portion of the complex. The athlete may redo that single portion of the complex to regain credit for that portion of the complex and continue to move through the complex to completion of that attempted weight. This will remain true unless time expires in which case the entire complex will be counted as a "no-rep". Dropping the barbell from overhead without control will result in a "no-rep".

Maximum Overdrive

3 minute Max Effort Burpee Box Jump Overs


Athletes will have three minutes to accumulate as many reps as possible of Burpee Box Jump Overs. Box Height will be 24" for men and 20" for women. Scaled athletes may step over.

At the end of the three minutes, there will be a 1 minute rest before going directly into WOD 4.


The burpee portion of the BBJO may be performed either facing perpendicular or lateral to the box. Burpees may be stepped out or in depending on the athlete's preference. The chest and thighs must come into contact with the floor before coming up to jump over (Rx) or step over (scaled) the box. The box height will be 24" for males and 20" for females. The Rx jump will be a two foot take off and a two foot landing on top of the box. The athlete may then either jump or step down to the opposite side of the box to finish the move.  The Scaled jump may be a step-up onto the top of the box as long as both feet contact the top of the box at the same time before finishing the move on the opposite side of the box. Athletes DO NOT have to stand tall on the top of the box. The repetition is counted as soon as both feet contact the floor on the opposite side of the box. The top of the box is not the end of the repetition.

Crazy Train


12 - Pull-ups Rx, Ring Rows Scaled

3 - Push-ups on dumbbells 50/35 Rx, 35/20 Scaled

3 - Dumbbell shoulder-to-overhead 50/35 Rx, 35/20 Scaled

12 - Toes-to-Bar Rx, Knee Raises Scaled

6 - Push-ups on dumbbells

6 - Dumbbell shoulder-to-overhead

12 - Pull-ups or Ring Rows

9 - Push-ups on dumbbells

9 - Dumbbell shoulder-to-overhead

Continue in this manner until time expires.


Athletes will have 10 minutes to accumulate as many repetitions as possible. Each round will consist of an increasing number of repetitions. Pull-up/TTB movement reps will remain constant at 12 reps while dumbbell movements will continue to increase by 3 reps each round until time expires.

Tiebreak will be the end of the 9th dumbbell shoulder to overhead.


Rx - Pull-ups will be chin over the bar pull-ups. These may be performed according to the athlete's preference using any of the following methods: strict, kipping or butterfly. Each athlete may use the grip of their desire: supinated, pronated or mixed. The arms must be fully extended at the bottom with the athlete's feet off of the floor. The rep is completed when the chin breaks the horizontal plane of the bar. Hand protection is allowed.

Scaled - Ring Rows will be set to 34" above the floor. There will be a taped line on the floor directly under the rings. The athlete's heels must remain on the opposite side of the tape while performing the ring rows. The repetition starts with the athlete leaning back with arms fully extended. The rep is complete when the ring makes contact with the side of the athlete's chest. Athletes will maintain a "rigid" plank or hollow-body position from ankle to shoulder throughout the movement; no bending of the knees and no "kipping".

Rx - Toes-to-bar These may be performed according to the athlete's preference using any of the following methods: strict or kipping. Each athlete may use the grip of their desire: supinated, pronated or mixed. The arms must be fully extended at the bottom with the athlete's feet off of the floor. The athletes feet must break the vertical plane of the rig at the bottom of each rep. The rep is completed when some portion of both of the athlete's feet touch the bar between the hands at the same time. Hand protection is allowed.

Scaled - ​​​​​​​Knee Raises These may be performed according to the athlete's preference using any of the following methods: strict or kipping. Each athlete may use the grip of their desire: supinated, pronated or mixed. The arms must be fully extended at the bottom with the athlete's feet off of the floor. The athletes feet must break the vertical plane of the rig at the bottom of each rep. Knees do not have to fully extend. The rep is completed when the athlete raises the knees until they are above the hip crease. Hand protection is allowed.

Rx - Push-ups will be done with hands gripping the handles of the dumbbells. The repetition begin with the athlete in the high plank position on toes with a straight line from the athlete's ankles to the shoulders. The athlete will lower themselves until the chest and thighs touch the ground then while continuing to hold the handles of the dumbbells then press their body up to full lock out while maintaining the straight line from ankle to shoulder.

Scaled - Push-up will be the same as an Rx push-up except that it may be performed from the knees instead of the toes. The straight line plank will be held from the knee to the shoulder.

Shoulder-to-overhead - will be the executed in the same manner for Rx and scaled with the exception of the weight of the dumbbells. The repetition will begin with the dumbbells in the front rack position. The athlete will then get the dumbbells directly overhead in a full lockout with hips and knees fully open and feet together under the athlete's hips. Again, this will be a straight line from ankle to shoulder. Athletes may use whatever method they prefer to get the dumbbells from the front rack to overhead including a press, push press, push jerk or split jerk. Athletes may use the rebound of the dumbbells returning to the front rack position to initiate the next repetition.

Floater - O'Course

Our obstacle course has several new elements this year. we will crawl, hop, jump, scale, climb, balance and "ribbit". Your score will be based on your time from start to finish.  Each obstacle may be attempted more than once but that takes time. Each bypassed obstacle will result in a burpee penalty.

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