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The Dane Games!

Come play with the big dogs once again at the 2019 Dane Games and unleash the competitor in you. This competition will take place on Saturday, September 14, 2019 at Three Danes CrossFit in Mine Hill, N.J.  It will be a 2 person team (male/ male, female/ female) competition consisting of three events and a floater WOD. Registration will open at 8am, and the first event will start at 9:30.  There will be a team briefing at 9am to discuss the workouts, movement standards, and to answer any questions anyone might have.  Please e mail or call us directly if you have any questions that you would like answered prior to the day of the event.

We are located in the Iron Mountain Industrial Park in Mine Hill. This is the street right next to Cinders restaurant on Rt 46.  We are up the hill and the first building on the right. There is plenty of additional parking located directly across the street from our location if needed.

Spectators and children are always welcome at TDCF and there is certainly no charge to come and cheer for the teams. We would just ask that everyone please be mindful and respectful of both competitors and judges so as to allow competitors the opportunity to perform at their best and be judged fairly. Judges will be rotated through events and teams so as to maintain fairness.

Please make sure to bring any specific food and beverages with you that you feel will be needed throughout the day to keep you energized, feeling good, and ready to compete at your best.  There will be a variety of items for purchase including food from Kettlebell Kitchen.

The competition schedule is designed for maximum efficiency with the thought and intention of keeping things moving quickly yet safely throughout the day. The exact sequence of events and if needed, a heat schedule, will be determined at a later date depending on the number of athletes competing.

There is one Rx division and one Scaled division planned at this time. The WODs are designed to test you, push you, and bring out the best of what you have to offer that day. We have designed all WODs to be widely inclusive. So, even if you are not a high level competitor, we invite you to compete and throw down hard.

We are also scheduled to have some of our great vendors that we have partnered up with come to the event and share their products with us. Kettlebell Kitchen will be on site catering this event with an assortment of food available for purchase. Competitors will have food provided included with their entry ticket. Just Be Natural will also be on site providing samples and information on their nutrition and supplement items. 

The fee for the Dane Games is $175 per team.  This includes entry into the competition,  some great products from our vendors, and food from Kettlebell Kitchen following the event. As stated previously, anyone and everyone is welcome to come and cheer on the athletes. 

Competition tanks and t-shirts are available to purchase from the Three Danes CrossFit web store. Go to to order! The back of the shirt can be personalized with athlete name, team name, or any phrase or slogan desired. Get creative and make your team shirts uniquely yours!

There will be prizes awarded for the top 3 performing teams. We are working on a variety of ideas in the way of prizes, and we will share this information as soon as we determine what the prizes will be.  Number of entries in the competition will also impact the prizes awarded!


For the 2019 Dane Games here are the movement standards for both the Rx and Scaled Divisions:



Power Clean, Hang Clean, Shoulder to Overhead; 1 RM


Kettlebell Swings, American 53#/35#


Box Jump Over 24"/20"

Double Dumbbell Overhead Hold 50#/35#


Power Snatch 115#/75#

Toes to Bar




Power Clean, Hang Clean, Shoulder to Overhead; 1 RM

Jumping Pull-Ups

Kettlebell Swings, Russian 53#/35#


Box Step Up/ Over 24"/20"

Double Dumbbell Overhead Hold 35#/20#


Power Snatch 75#/55#

Hanging Knee Raises


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Sat, September 14, 2019 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Three Danes CrossFit
93 Iron Mountain Rd, Mine Hill Township, New Jersey, United States
Three Danes CrossFit
Three Danes CrossFit is a CrossFit affiliate located in Mine Hill, N.J. run by a team of dog and fun loving trained professionals who work hard to make sure every class is the best it can be.

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