Find your Max Weight Barbell Complex; "I Go, You Go" format

8 Minute Time Cap

Calorie Row 12/8

then 1 of the following barbell complex:

Power Clean, Hang Clean, Shoulder to Overhead

  • One rower and one barbell per team
  • Rower must be reset each round
  • Barbell can be set up with initial weight before 3-2-1-GO
  • Athlete can be seated on rower, but cannot touch handle on rower to start until teammate completes their attempt of the complex and the barbell returns to the floor.
  • One teammate can load/change weights on the barbell while second teammate is rowing their calories.
  • Athletes must alternate rounds until one athlete indicates to judge that they have finished their attempts and reached their 1 RM for the complex.
  • Remaining athlete may continue to attempt to increase their 1 RM for the complex until the time cap is reached; however calorie row must still be completed each round before the next 1 RM attempt.
  • Only one attempt at the complex may be made each round. Once barbell leaves the floor at the start of the complex the lift ends once the barbell returns to the floor. (regardless of whether the complex was successful or not)
  • Score entered for each team is the total combined weight from each athletes heaviest complex successfully lifted.



5 Pull-Ups; Scaled Jumping Pull-Ups

10 Kettlebell Swings, American, 53#/ 35#; Scaled Russian, 53#/ 35#

5 Burpee Box Jump Over, 24"/ 20"; Scaled Burpee Box step Up and Over 24"/ 20"


Double Dumbbell Overhead Hold 50#/ 35#; Scaled 35#/25#

  • Work to be split between partners with Partner 1 completing one round of the AMRAP while Partner 2 maintains double dumbbell overhead hold.
  • After each round of the AMRAP is completed, Athletes must switch places; either moving from the AMRAP to the overhead hold or vice versa.
  • Double dumbbell overhead hold MUST be maintained in order for reps to be counted.
  • One box, one kettlebell per team.
  • Score is total number of rounds and reps completed when 10 minutes is up.



Cash In 100 Double Unders; Scaled Single Unders

then 3 Rounds

25 Power Snatch 115#/ 75#; Scaled 75#/ 55#

25 Toes To Bar; Scaled Hanging Knee Raises 

Cash Out 100 Double Unders; Scaled Single Unders

  • One athlete works at a time.
  • Reps may be split between athletes in any way they choose.
  • One barbell per team
  • Final score will be the number of rounds and reps completed with the time being used as a tie breaker if the WOD is completed before the time cap is reached. Otherwise, the final score will be number of rounds and reps completed when the time cap is reached.
Sat, September 14, 2019 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Three Danes CrossFit
93 Iron Mountain Rd, Mine Hill Township, New Jersey, United States
Three Danes CrossFit
Three Danes CrossFit is a CrossFit affiliate located in Mine Hill, N.J. run by a team of dog and fun loving trained professionals who work hard to make sure every class is the best it can be.

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