Clean Ladder Female

1RM Clean Ladder 

Intermediate athletes must squat clean. 

Beginner athletes may power clean and front squat. 

Clean Ladder Male

1RM Clean Ladder 

Intermediate athletes must squat clean. 

Beginner athletes may power clean and front squat. 

Helen Meets Grace Part 1

3 Rounds
400m run 
21 kettlebell swings 
12 pull-ups 

Both partners will begin the 400m run together. 
The first partner in the door will have to wait for the second partner to finish the 400m run before they can begin their kettlebell swings. 
Both partners must complete 21 kettlebell swings and 12 pull-ups before heading out for their 2nd 400m run (and again before the 3rd 400m run). 

As soon as the 2nd partner finishes their last pullup of Helen, both athletes move onto Grace 

Intermediate Athletes
53/35 lb Kettlebell 

Beginner Athletes 
44/26 lb Kettlebell 
Jumping Pull-ups 

All athletes must run

30 Clean & Jerks 
Both athletes must complete 30 clean and jerks

Each clean will come from the floor, the athlete must fully open the hips at the finish of the clean before beginning the jerk.

Either a squat or power clean is permitted
Either a push jerk or split jerk is permitted.

The feet must return to the starting position before the bar returns to the shoulders to complete the jerk.

A strict press or push press is NOT permitted.

Intermediate Athletes
135/95 lbs

Beginner Athletes
105/75 lbs


Helen Meets Grace Part 2
Helen Meets Grace Part 3
Helen Meets Grace Part 4
Over Under

8 Minutes 
As many rounds and reps as possible
40 Double Unders (Single Unders) 
40' Overhead Walking Lunges  (50/35) (35/20)

Partner 1 will begin their 40 double unders (or 80 singles) in their designated square. Once they are done, they will step out of their square and Partner 2 will step in for their 40 (or 80). Then, the partners will begin their lunges. 
The Partners must lunge with the same dumbbell overhead and lead with the same leg. Their knees must touch the ground at the same time and they must reach full hip extension at the same time. Failure to keep the dumbbell in a locked-out overhead position or meet any standard will result in the partners being sent back to the previous 5' increment. At the 20' marker the partners will switch hands, turn around and lunge back for another round of jump rope. 

Floater WOD

The 2017 Floater WOD is Bike Race - A 5 minute AMRAP of calories on the Assault Bike. 

Each team member will have their own Assault Bike and will spend 5 minutes on it 

Have fun!


Sat, September 9, 2017 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel
1645 Decatur St, New York, United States
CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel

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