5 RFT  (15 min time cap)

21/15 Standing Cal Bike (There will be no bike seat during this workout)

9 Box Jumps

*Tie Break Time will be after the completion of the second round of box jumps.

** Partner 1 will complete 1 full round while partner 2 rests. 


  • 21/15 cal bike, men 30 inch box jumps, & women 24 inch box jumps. Teams will have only one box. 


  • 18/12 cal bike, men 24 inch box jumps, & women 20 inch box jumps. Teams will be allowed to do box step-ups or box jumps. Both teammates must do the same movement standard. 
"Killing Me Smalls"

12 min AMRAP

30 DU

25 Wallballs 

8 Devil's Presses


  • Wallballs (20/14) games standards
  • Devil's presses (50/35)


  • Wallballs (14/10) games standards
  • Devil's presses (35/15)
  • 60 singles

Partner's may rotate at anytime during the rounds.  Only one partner can work while the other on rest.

"Clean & Row Your Heart Out" A

Part A:

4 min Est 1 rep max Clean

*Teams will have 4 minutes to find a total 1 rep max for both teammates. Co'ed teams will be supplied 1 men's bar & 1 women's bar.

**Score is combined approved heaviest clean. 

-There will be a 2 min rest and load period once part A is completed to allow teams to setup for their Deadlift holds. M/F Teams will have 2 bars at their station. 

"Clean & Row Your Heart Out" B

Part B:

FT (8 min time cap):


Row for meters

Deadlift Holds 

*Partner 1 will start on the rower while partner 2 holds the bar at the top of the deadlift. Partners must change at each break in meters or if the bar is dropped at anytime during the completion of the required meters in each segment. 

**Tie Break time will be the time when the 200 meters is completed. 


  • Deadlift (225/135)


  • Deadlift (185/95)
"Hold on Farva" (Floater)

2 min For Reps 

Sandbag Bear Hug Hold

10 up-downs

Rx: (150/100)



  • Score will be max total reps between both partners in two minutes on up-downs.
  • Holds must be in a bear hug position. 
  • While one partner holds the other partner will be completing up-downs. Partners must switch every 10 reps on the up-downs.
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