How Low Can You Go?

Part I:
Partner A: 400m Run
Partner B: Max Cal Bike
Switch and Repeat 1x


Partner A: *30x Dumbbell Snatch, #50/35 (Scale: #35/25)*
Partner B: Max Box Jump, 24/20 (Scale: 20")
Switch and Repeat 1x

*15 Each Arm*


Partner A: 30x KB Swings, #53/35 (Scale: 44/25)
Partner B: Max Double Unders (Scale: Singles)
Switch and Repeat 1x

Score = Total Time (in seconds) - Total Reps Performed

Time Cap: 12 Minutes

It's A Race People!

Start Time:  T + 15:00 Minutes

Complete For Time:
100m Tire Flip Race
100m Farmer's Carry (Sand-Filled Buckets)
50 Over-The Shoulder Sandbag Toss (Total Reps)
100m Farmer's Carry
100m Tire Flip Race

Time Cap: 12 Minutes

The Sandbag weight will be a mystery but Rx Athletes should be able to lift 50 Pounds and Scale athletes should be able to lift 25. 

Climb the Ladder

Start Time:  T + 30:00 Minutes

Every Minute on the Minute, Perform 1 Deadlift Rep.

There will be two rows of barbells - 1 for Partner A (Male) and 1 for Partner B (Female)

Score = Combined Max Weight Lifted

*When the first partner can no longer complete a successful deadlift rep, he or she will begin performing burpees over bar AFTER the remaining partner completes their single deadlift rep with the time remaining before the next deadlift attempt. The total number of burpee over bars performed within each minute shall be added up and serve as the tie breaker if two teams have the same total weight lifted*


135/65 *Must Perform 10 Reps of First Round*

185/85 *Must Perform 5 Reps of Second Round*

225/125 *Must Perform 2 Reps of Third Round*





*Will we have any first time members of the 400 and 300 clubs?!?*

Time Cap: 8 Minutes

Sat, September 21, 2019 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Blue Titan
27 E Main St, Rockaway, New Jersey, United States
Stay Safe Foundation
The Stay Safe Foundation
The Stay Safe Foundation is a charity made up of police officers, wounded veterans & supporters of public servants whose mission is to support Police Officers through advanced education and training grants & to support the Recovery of Wounded Warriors through Peer Mentoring

Blue Titan
Blue Titan
Blue Titan is a Fitness & Self-Defense facility in Rockaway NJ founded by a police officer and dedicated to improving the lives of everyone around us with fitness and self-defense instruction!

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