Event #1A "Jumping Devils"

12 Min AMRAP (You-Go, I-Go)

  • 2 Box Jumps (Novice: Weighted Step Ups,)
  • 2 Devil Press
  • ADD 2 Reps to each movement each Round
  • Novice: Alt Single DB Devil Press 35/25 & 24/20"box step ups
  • RX: Double DB 35/25# DB’s & 24/20" Box Jumps
  • 1 Min Rest before the start of Event #1B


  • Novice Step Ups:
    • Athlete must step up with 2 feet, full hip and knee extension at the top of the box.
    • Step Down, NO Jumping Down from box
  • RX Box Jumps
    • The movement starts with two feet on the ground
    • Athlete must jump onto box and stand up with 2 feet, showing complete control and full extension of the hip and knee.
    • The rep is completed once athlete shows control and full extension at top of the box
    • NO JUMP DOWN, Step downs ONLY (Safety First)
  • Devil Press:
    • Novice Single DB and RX Double DB's
    • DB's Start on the ground  
    • Athlete will perform a Burpee with Chest touching the Ab-Mat.
    • Burpees can be step back and step up or jump back and jump up for both Novice or RX divisions
    • Athlete performs a DB ground to overhead (Snatch or Clean & Jerk) after the burpee
    • The Rep is completed once the athlete shows full lockout of elbow, hip extension and DB over mid line. (Bicep next to ear)
  • Flow: 3,2,1 GO, Athlete A will perform 2 x Box Jumps and 2 x Devil Press then tag Athlete B in to perform their 2 x Box Jumps and 2 x Devil Press.
  • You will increase the Reps by 2 for both the Box Jumps and Devil press per round
  • A round is complete once BOTH members finish the round reps
    • 2/2, 4/4, 6/6, 8/8, 10/10, 12/12, 14/14, 16/16, 18,18, 20/20
Event #1B "Cleaning Day"

5 Min: 1 RM Clean

  • This is a "You-Go, I-Go" Style event
  • Score is TOTAL WEIGHT accumulated between the two athletes
  • Athlete A performs a Clean and must get a "Good Rep" before Athlete B can attempt their lift.
    • Weights lifted by both athletes MUST BE THE SAME until one of the athletes is no longer able to perform the lift.
  • If Athlete A or B receives (2) failed attempts, that athlete is done and the remaining athlete may continue. The remaining athlete is also done if they have 2 failed attempts.
  • Weight and bars will be set up for each lane
    • 4x45, 2x35, 2x25, 2x15, 2x10, 2x5, 2x2.5# Plates
  • You may load the bar during the rest period after event #1A
  • Load the weight as needed
  • Clips must be put onto the bar before each lift
  • Athlete must tell the judge the weight before the lift is attempted
  • The clean can be a power or squat clean
  • The clean is completed once the athlete shows complete control of the lift with full hip and knee extension and the Judge indicates a "GOOD" rep.  Do NOT drop the bar before the Judge approves the lift.
Event #2 "Dead-Pull"

Deadlift Ladder

  • Novice Ladies: 125,135,145,155,165,175
  • Novice Men: 165,185,205,225,245,265
  • RX: Ladies: 145,165,185,205,225,245
  • RX: Med: 225,245,265,285,305,315
  • Tie Breaker: Max Double KB DL (Novice: 53# RX: 70#)

Workout Flow:

  • This will be a conga line style ladder
  • Each Athlete will have 30 sec to perform 5 Reps at each stations with a 10 second transition.
  • If you complete all 5 reps you move up, if you fail to get all lifts within the 30 sec, you are out.  There are Six weight stations per Div. + a tie breaker.
  • For each Rep to count you MUST stand up fully and show complete extension of the hips with shoulders behind the bar
    • NO Bouncing the bar off the floor, That is a NO REP
    • Conventional Deadlift Only, NO Sumo Deadlift allowed
  • Station Seven will be the Tie Breaker for those that complete the ladder
    • Each team member will have 30 Sec to perform Max Kettle Bell Deadlifts
Event #3 FLOATER "Pull N Push"


6 Min AMRAP Relay

  • 6/4 Cal Bike
  • 15 yard Sled Pull
  • 15 yard Sled Push
  • 15 yard run back to starting station

Workout Flow:

  • Team Relay
  • Athlete A will start on the Bike
  • Athlete A will complete Cals and then perform 1 Sled Pull and 1 Sled Push Back
  • Once Athlete A has completed the Sled Push they must run back to starting station and Tag Athlete B to start their round.
  • Athlete B may be on the Bike at the point of the Tag
  • Athlete A can adjust the Sled and Rope while athlete B is on the Bike
  • Your Score is the number of total rounds in the 6 Min.
    • Cals are counted as 6/4 (cals are to be reset after each round)
    • Each 15 yard Sled Push is counted as 2 Reps
    • Each 15 yard Sled Pull is Counted as 1 Rep
    • Each 15 yard Run is counted as 1 Rep
    • The Rep must be completed before the time cap to count
Event #4 " JD Mix Up"

"JD Mix-Up"

3 Rounds for Time (15 Min Time Cap)

  • 800m Row Men/ 600m Row Women
  • 50 Wall Balls
  • 50 Pull-ups/Ring Rows

Workout Flow:

  • Reps or Meters can be broken up however you want
  • You are able to complete Wall Ball/ Ring Row/ Pull-Up Reps while your partner Rows.
  • Rower:
    • Feet must be in the straps but do not have to be secure
  • Wall Balls:
    • The movement is complete when the athlete squats the wall ball past parallel and throws the wall ball to the target height. 
    • Height standard is middle of Orange line for Novice Ladies and RX Ladies & above the Orange Line for Novice & RX Men.
  • Novice Ring Rows:
    • Rings will all be at same height
    • Feet/Heels must be fully within the taped box below the rings at all times during reps.
    • Movement starts with elbows locked out with feet on the tape line.
    • The Rep is complete once the athlete pulls the rings level with their chest and back to full elbow extension.
  • RX Pull-Ups
    • Any pull up variation is approved (Strict, Kipping or Butterfly)
    • Athlete must reach full elbow extension between reps
    • Athlete's chin must pass the pull-up bar height for the rep to count
  • Ring Rows/ Pull-ups may not be started until all Wall Balls Reps are complete.
  • If you do not complete the workout within the time cap, there will be a tie breaker = time per round. 
  • The workout is complete when 3 rounds are completed and both Athletes touch the rower wheel to stop their clock
Sat, September 17, 2022 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
649 Anita St A3, Chula Vista, California, United States of America

The Filipino-American Law Enforcement Officers Association (FALEO) was established to promote fraternal relationships and cultural awareness amongst all members (Sworn and Non-sworn) in law enforcement.

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