Yoke & Block Carry


  • 60 second time cap.
  • Belts, wraps, and sleeves are allowed.
  • Carry the yoke 50'.
  • Run back and carry the Mouser Block and put it over the yoke.


  • LWN, Teen: 450, 150lbs.
  • HWN, LWO, MWM: 550, 170lbs.
  • MWO, HWM: 650, 200lbs.
  • HWO: 700, 220lbs.
  • SHWO: 750, 240.


  • LWN, Teen: 325, 120lbs.
  • HWN, LWO, MWM: 350, 120lbs.
  • MWO, HWM: 350, 120lbs.
  • HWO: 400, 150lbs.
  • SHWO: 450, 150lbs.
Keg Clean & Press


  • 60 seconds for max reps.
  • Belts, wraps, and sleeves are allowed. 
  • Each rep starts from the floor.
  • Keg must be pressed overhead in any fashion with arms locked out for Down Command.


  • LWN, Teen: 150lbs.
  • HWN, LWO, MWM: 185lbs.
  • MWO, HWM: 200lbs.
  • HWO: 225lbs.
  • SHWO: 250lbs.


  • LWN, Teen: 75lbs.
  • HWN, LWO, MWM: 100lbs.
  • MWO, HWM: 100lbs.
  • HWO: 135lbs.
  • SHWO: 165lbs.
Truck Pull


  • 60 second time cap.
  • Belts, wraps, and sleeves are allowed.
  • Truck is tethered to athlete via a harness. You many bring your own harness too.
  • There will be a rope for pulling yourself forward as well.

Truck size will increase based on class. Smaller classes will use a pick up truck. Larger classes will use a larger truck. Largest classes will use a semi truck. We have no idea of the weights. :-)

Dead Lift Ladder


  • 60 second time cap.
  • Belts, wraps, straps, sleeves AND suits are allowed.
  • Must pull conventional, NOT sumo. 
  • Four bars with rising weights.


  • LWN, Teen: 405, 455, 495, 545lbs.
  • HWN, LWO, MWM: 455, 495, 545, 585lbs.
  • MWO, HWM: 495, 545, 585, 635lbs.
  • HWO: 545, 585, 635, 675lbs.
  • SHWO: 585, 635, 675, 725lbs.


  • LWN, Teen: 165, 185, 225, 275lbs.
  • HWN, LWO, MWM: 185, 225, 275, 295lbs.
  • MWO, HWM: 225, 275, 315, 335lbs.
  • HWO: 275, 315, 365, 405lbs.
  • SHWO: 275, 315, 365, 405lbs.
Atlas Stones Over Bar


  • 60 seconds for max reps.
  • Belts, wraps, sleeves, and tacky are allowed.


  • LWN, Teen: 215lbs.
  • HWN, LWO, MWM: 265lbs.
  • MWO, HWM: 300lbs.
  • HWO: 345lbs.
  • SHWO: 345lbs.


  • LWN, Teen: 145lbs.
  • HWN, LWO, MWM: 145lbs.
  • MWO, HWM: 175lbs.
  • HWO: 215lbs.
  • SHWO: 215lbs.
Sat, June 6, 2020 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time
Unbreakable Athletics Academy
2198 Reeves Rd, Plainfield, Indiana, United States
Unbreakable Athletics Academy
The gym in Indiana. We offer Strongman, Powerlifting, CrossFit, and Sports Performance. We host the most events of any each year. We are the Strongman Corp State Chair. We host USPA State Championships. And a  ton more. Check us out.

Strongman Doc
Don't be at the end of a long chain of failures, start in our office first and get your life back on track! Call 317-770-5775 today! Family/Sports/Complex Care available!

The Coachman
Great family restaurant and bar. They host the weigh-ins during lunch and dinner the day prior to the contest. And they cater the event for athletes and spectators. Great good. Better people!

Strongman Corporation
The Strongman Corporation that is the only link to The Arnold. THey've been around the longest and hold the heaviest contests. It gets real with Strongman Corp.

La Quinta Inn & Suites
The hotel of choice for Unbreakable Athletics and our events.

Reservations can now be made using the following options -
Click https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/hotel/52861 and use the following Group Codes:
April 18th: CGUAJB

Or call: (317) 279-2650 and mention Unbreakable Athletics

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