Competition by: Sports Society for American Health

A strength, fitness, coordination, and strategic competition influenced by real-world challenges. Lift! Push! Carry! Functional Strength & Fitness!

This is the fourth Roughneck; and like last year, will be held in conjunction with the Exygon & Baptist Hospitals Gusher Marathon, Exxpress Mart Half Marathon, Kinsel Ford 5K & ExxonMobil Heads or Tails Cycling Time Trial.

There will be two divisions, each consisting of 5 events: A strongman style category with heavier objects and a scaled version similar to last year's event.

We are also working on challenges for kids.  

Two Divisions:

Heavy Division

Scaled Division

5 events in each division.

8 weight classes:

Chainhand Women (120 lbs and under)

Toolpusher Women (121 to 150 lbs)

Driller Women (151 to 199 lbs)

Roustabout Women (200 lbs. & over)

Chainhand Men (140 lbs. & Under)

Toolpusher Men (141 to 175 lbs.)

Driller Men (176 to 215 lbs)

Roustabout Men (216 lbs & over)

Heavy Division Events:

Zercher Carry (debuted at Iron Games)

Fingal's Fingers (debuted at Iron Games)

Atlas Stones

Truck Pull

Mystery Event

Scaled Division Events:

Bench Press (debuted last year at Roughneck)

Tire Pull

Tire Flip

Chain & Anchor Pull (debuted at Iron Games)

Sandbag Farmers Carry

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Sat, March 3, 2018 6:00 AM - 6:15 PM Central America Standard Time
Lamar University Montagne Center Parking Lot
Montage Center, Beaumont, Texas, United States
Sports Society for American Health
501(c)3 non profit organization that has hosted over 40 sporting events through the years with a mission of improving community health and quality of life.  The organization also operates the facility SSAH Fit Lab, providing a diverse selection of fitness opportunities, classes, and seminars

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