Competition by: Crossfit DOA - Jeff Dempsey
Babes and Beards - Halloween Edition

Beast Mode Competition at it's Best!!

Grab your favorite Ghoul or Gal (Mix or match as you see fit), dress in your favorite monster attire, and come on out for a quick 60 minutes of grueling WOD goodness. 

That's not enough??  Then check out the new Babes or Beards Strong(wo)men competition happening the same day.  Register for one, or the other or both!

Cost is $100 per team. 

Awards and prizes for all podium finishers! 

Prizes for best costumes!


Scaled Teams: You know what you're doing but those Rx weights are a bit much. No problem, we've got you covered

Rx Teams: You know who you are. No sneaking into the Scaled division!

Masters & Diaper/Depends Teams: Either 2 over-40 members or one over-40 and one under-18.   Under 18 member will be doing Scaled WODs and over 40 member will be doing Masters WODs.

Here are the terrifying work-outs to help you decide:

WOD1 - Frankenstein Overhead

Partners have two minutes to select their "optimal" Ground to Overhead (Snatch, Clean & Press or Clean & Jerk) weight then...
  Partner1 Ground to Overhead AMRAP for 2 minutes
  Partner2 Ground to Overhead AMRAP for 2 minutes
  Partner1 Ground to Overhead AMRAP for 2 minutes
  Partner2 Ground to Overhead AMRAP for 2 minutes
    Score = Ground to Overhead X Weight summed for both athletes.


WOD 2:  Fear The Benching Dead
  10 min AMRAP
   10 Bench Press (Scaled: 65/105, Rx: 85/135, Masters: 75/115)
   10 Deadlift (Scaled: 85/135, Rx: 155/225, Masters: 115/185)
      Each partner must complete a round before other partner can go


WOD 3: Assaulted at the Lake
  5 minute max effort.
  1 partner on rower
  1 partner on assault bike.
  Score is combined calories.  Once on a piece of equipment, you cannot change.


WOD 4 - Don't Walk Under the Ladder
10 min AMRAP
   Alternating partners
   Devil Press RX (50/35) Masters (35/20) Scaled (20/10 )
   Box jump overs (step over for scaled - 24/20)
   One person does 1 devil press then 1 box jump over the next partner does 2 devil presses and 2 box jump overs   continue this rotation till the 10 minute mark.


WOD 5: The (Kettle)Bells Toll for Thee
For time
  10 atlas stone ground to shoulder (Scaled & Masters: 40/70, RX 70/90)
  100 foot bear hug atlas stone carry
  100 foot farmers carry staggered Kettlebells
  100 foot sled pull (Scaled 65/105, Rx & Masters 105/150)
  100 foot backward sled pull

#WodifyArena #babesbeards #crossfitdoa
Sat, October 26, 2019 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Crossfit DOA
12799 Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, Florida, United States
Crossfit DOA - Jeff Dempsey

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