Competition by: Ronin Fitness - RoF CrossFit
2018 Ronin Challenge - Ronin Cup Series

Ronin Fitness is proud to announce that RoF CrossFit is hosting the Ronin Cup on October 27th!

We are changing things up for the 2018 competition...We are still providing an exciting competition environment with fun WODs that challenge you to be your best, but this will compete on a team of 8! 


There will be one division with each team including both novice and masters athletes. In classic CrossFit style, the WODs will be announced the day of the event ~ unknown and unknowable!!!  The Ronin Cup and bragging rights are up for grabs from the 2017 winners, CrossFit U-Town!

Entry fee is $480 (including registration fees) per team.
This includes a Challenge t-shirt if registered by October 1st!  

Team: 8 members must include 2 novice and 2 master (40+) athletes (no more than 5 athletes of the same gender)

Teams must be made up of athletes from the same box.  


How do you know if you qualify as a NOVICE athlete? 

The requirements are simple!  You qualify as NOVICE if you satisfy at least four (4) of the following criteria:

  • Less than 5/2 (male/female) consecutive unassisted pullups;

  • 1-rep max deadlift is less than 315/205 (male/female);

  • One mile is over ten minutes;

  • Less than 5/2 (male/female) handstand push ups;

  • You use scaled weights for most WODs; or

  • You have been CrossFitting less than 6 months.

* Athlete may meet requirement for either masters or novice, but not both. *
** Two (2) athletes on each team must qualify under the novice category and two (2) separate athletes must qualify as masters (40 years old or older on the day of the event). **
*** If you are still unsure if you qualify as a Novice athlete, please ask your coach and feel free to have your coach contact us if additional information is needed. We want this to be a fun and fair event for all! ***


We will send an e-mail to all athletes a couple weeks prior to the event with all the details on competition timeline, registration, parking, etc.

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Sat, October 27, 2018 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Ronin Fitness - RoF CrossFit
1997 E Pike St, Clarksburg, West Virginia, United States
Ronin Fitness - RoF CrossFit

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