Competition by: Great Woods CrossFit and Finest Hour Athletics
2018 War in the Woods

This is a co-ed (MF) partner competition designed to challenge first time competitors, fire-breathers and everyone in between! Our format of three divisions (Rx, Intermediate and Scaled), will allow you to compete and test your limits against similar athletes. There will be 3 WODs + 1 Floater for all divisions. Our goal is provide a fun, fair, and challenging competition for all levels of competitors – from total newbies to Regionals level athletes. Cash prizes and more for all podium finishers!

**Division Standards**
Please see below for suggested movement standards in each of these divisions. Please note, these are simply suggestions and are not the only movements you will see during the competition. The weights listed should be able to be completed for reps, not a one rep max. More specific standards may be announced as the event gets closer.


225/155# Deadlift

135/95# Clean & Jerk

115/75# Snatch

50/35# Dumbbell Movements (Snatches, Thrusters, etc)

Kipping Handstand Push-Ups

Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

Ring/Bar Muscle Ups

Double Unders


185/135# Deadlift

115/75# Clean & Jerk

95/65# Snatch

50/35# Dumbbell Movements (Snatches, Thrusters, etc)

Kipping Handstand Push-Ups

Kipping Pull-Ups

Double Unders


135/95# Deadlift

95/65# Clean & Jerk

*No Barbell Snatches for Scaled*

35/20# Dumbbell Movements (Snatches, Thrusters, etc)

Single Unders


***Late registration - $165 per team (after Oct. 1st)***

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Q: I missed the deadline to receive a free t-shirt, can I still purchase one?

A: Yes of course! Email us at with your size and preferred style and we will have one for you on competition day. Shirts are $25 each or $40 per team.

Q: Will the “FINAL WOD” be winner take all or cumulative with the previous four scores?

A: The final WOD will be cumulative and NOT winner take all.


Q: My original partner can’t compete. Is it possible to replace them with a new partner?

A: Of course. Just send us his/her name and email and we’ll take care of it



Q: Can teammates break up the reps any way they want?

A: Yes, for the Pull-Ups (Ring Rows), Toes-to-Bar (Knee Raises) and Box Jump Overs, reps can be broken up in any way but for the Double Unders (Single Unders) reps must be divided up evenly in 2 sets (i.e. 50/50, 40/40, 30/30)

Q: Can we perform Lateral Box Jump Overs or do we have to face the box on each rep?

A: Lateral box jump overs are allowed, so long as a two-foot takeoff is used and a two-foot landing.

Q: Can I jump over the box completely without touching it?

A: Yes, you can clear the box so long as a two-foot takeoff and two-foot landing is used, but we do not recommend this style as it increases risk of injury.

Q: Are we required to tag our teammates whenever we switch?

A: Yes! You must tag your partner “in” every time a switch is made. If you do not tag your partner, in the reps will not count until you do so. 

Q: Are Step-Ups allowed?

A: Step-Ups are allowed for Scaled Division only. “Step-Downs” are allowed for all divisions.

“Do You Even Lift Bro”

Q: Do the reps have to be “touch and go” or can we drop the bar after each rep?

A: Reps do not have to be performed “touch and go” but if the bar is dropped after each rep, the it must settle on the ground completely before it is lifted for the next rep.

Q: Do the Cleans/Snatches have to pass through a full squat?

A: ONLY athletes in the Rx Division must pass through a full squat on Cleans and Snatches. Intermediate & Scaled Divisions can perform Squat OR Power Cleans/Snatches. Whichever is preferred.

Q: If the bar is already lifted off the ground before the clock expires, will that rep count if the lift is successful?

A: Yes, if the bar is lifted off the ground BEFORE the clock expires, the rep will count I as long as all other standards are met.

“Diane-ic Duo”

Q: Are the Handstand Push-Ups total reps as a team or does each athlete complete 21, 15 & 9?

A: The Handstand Push-Ups are total reps as a team, per round, so one partner will be performing 1 more rep (i.e. 10+11, 8+7, 5+4)

Q: If I complete a Handstand Push-Up (HR Push-Up) but my partner isn’t locked out in Handstand, will the rep still count?

A: No the rep will NOT count unless your partner is in a fully locked out position throughout your entire rep. It is wiser for BOTH athletes to kick down off the wall than to risk wasting a rep.

“Row to the Bell” - Floater

Q: Does it matter which athlete goes first? Male or female?

A: No it does not matter which athlete goes first.

Q: Will the rep count if the dumbbell is lifted off the ground before the clock expires?

A: Yes the rep will count if the dumbbell is lifted off the ground before the clock expires.

Q: When I transfer the dumbbell to the opposite hand, does this have to occur below eye level?

A: No, after each good rep, you can transfer the dumbbell at any point so long as BOTH heads of the dumbbell make contact with the ground at the bottom.


Q: Are lifting straps allowed?

A: No, lifting straps are not allowed for any movements.

Q: What equipment is allowed?

A: Lifting belts, wrist wraps, hand wraps, knee/elbow sleeves or any commonly used accessories that do not add a competitive advantage.

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Sat, October 13, 2018 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Great Woods CrossFit
253 Mansfield Ave, Norton, Massachusetts, United States
Great Woods CrossFit

Finest Hour Athletics

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