Competition by: Crossfit Maxon and John Broom
27 Heroes - Global Throwdown

The 27 Heroes – Global Throwdown invites all of us to stand together and unite for a single cause.

It is 100 years since the end of the War to end all Wars, World War 1. One of the deadliest wars in history. Nearly 900, 000 British troops paid the price for freedom. And since that Great War, they have fought for us and our freedom through twenty six additional major conflicts. Almost 1.3 million soldiers have paid the ultimate price. Their lives for our freedom.

In this year, 2018, we will remember them and we will honour them.

With 27 workouts. 27 British Military Hero Workouts.

One for every major conflict they have fought for us.

We will lift, run, row, walk, pull and push. But we will not give up.

Because that’s the sacrifice a hero gives.

#27heroes #globalthrowdown #britishherowods #britishherowod
Sun, July 1, 2018 1:00 AM - Mon, December 31, 2018 11:45 PM GMT Standard Time
Crossfit Maxon
We are a group of positive & friendly people who enjoy challenging ourselves, whether in CrossFit training and competitions, in running, cycling, hiking, obstacle courses or other sports. CrossFit MaxOn varies in age, fitness levels and abilities. The membership is 50:50 male/female.

John Broom
I have been doing Crossfit for two and a half years. I Finally decided i want to use the skills i've learned to give something back.

The 27 Heroes challenge allows me to say thank you to the British Armed Forces for standing on the wall to protect this country and protect my way of life.

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