Competition by: Ft Ben Fit
Friday Night Lights 2021

We are excited to announce the return of our strongman competition this fall!  Ft. Ben Fit will again host Friday Night Lights on September 10th from 6:30-9pm.  This unsanctioned event is a great way to explore the world of strongman. 

Our event is a partner competition and we will have 2 divisions - Novice and Intermediate.  The Novice division is for newer athletes to the sport and Intermediate is for the more experienced athletes.  Teams will compete as male/male or female/female for prizes!   

This fun event is on the eve of the Generational Invitational and will make for an exciting weekend.  Participants can expect an electric atmosphere with high energy support and fierce competition!  We have some fun and challenging events planned so we hope you can join us!

Events and Rules

Event #1 - Max Axle Clean and Press

·  3 attempts at a one rep max, one miss and you are out; Wessels rules

·  Athlete has 30 seconds to achieve a successful lift after the “Go” command has been issued by the head judge

    -If you fail your weight but have time remaining you may attempt it again, clock stops and your lift is over

·  This will be a rising bar you can only go up once the weight has been declared, if you miss your weight, we will not go back down

·  A minimum weight will be set for each weight class prior to event start to give everyone the chance to hit their opening weight

- Male classes 20lbs Jumps   -   Female classes 10lbs Jumps

·  The equipment allowed for this event are belts, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, and grip shirts

·  Scoring is total weight moved by each team; highest weight wins

·  Prohibited equipment: Tacky, wrist straps

·  Belt Cleans are allowed

Event #2 - HUMVEE Push

·  90 Seconds to complete the course 

    -100 feet for Men's division

    -75 feet for Women's Division

· Male division  -  One partner will push 50ft and stop, 2nd partner will tag in and push the truck 50ft back the opposite direction

· Female division - both partners will push the truck 75’ for time

· Fastest time wins

- If you do not complete the course, you will be given a distance

· The equipment allowed for this event is a belt, knee sleeves, wrist wraps and elbow sleeves

Event #3- Beer Stein Hold for Time

·  Men will be holding two Steins, one in each hand, out in front of them with a combined weight of 15lbs at shoulder height; drop below parallel and your time stops, limited warnings will be given

·  Women will be holding two steins, one in each hand, out front with a combined weight of 10lbs; drop below parallel and your time stops, limited warnings will be given

·  Athletes will be required to stand facing an opposing team

o   We will set barbells in a rack to the athletes’ height prior to start

o   Once the top of the hand drops below the top of the shoulder, the timer will stop

·      This is a last man/woman standing event (last person holding their steins wins)

·      No tacky is allowed for this event

Event #4- Bag Over Bar

            In this event, athletes will alternate attempting to toss a sandbag over a set height for max reps in 90 seconds. The head judge will call “Go” and the first athlete will run out and make their first attempt to toss the bag over the bar. If the athlete is successful, they will run back and tag their partner. The second athlete will reset the bag and toss it back over the bar.

·      Women's Division: 

o   Novice women bag weight - 25lbs @10 feet

o   Intermediate women bag weight - 30lbs @ 11ft

·      Men's Division:

o   Novice men bag weight - 45# @ 11ft

o   Intermediate men bag weight - 45# @ 12ft

·      Equipment allowed- wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, chalk and belt

.    No tacky of any kind allowed

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Fri, September 10, 2021 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time
Ft Ben Fit
9135 Harrison Park Ct, Lawrence, Indiana, United States of America
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