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CFS Halloween House Party

Don't be afraid! It's just the CFS Halloween House Party!  CrossFit Simplicity's first ever "In House" CrossFit Competition! Get ready for a day off fitness, fun, and food, right here at CFS.  This is an "in house" CrossFit competition designed just for all of our members. This will be an event designed to give you a real look at what a CrossFit competition is like, but in your own environment with all your friends! Low amounts of pressure, high amounts of fun!  There will be 3 workouts (announced the day of) and 2 individual classes (Rx and Scaled). Your entry fee gets you registered for the competition, a T-shirt, and food and drinks afterwards!  Come join us for this epic CFS Halloween House Party!

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My friend does CrossFit at another gym, can they sign up and come? 

- No, this is a competition open only to our current CFS members...but they can come cheer you on!

I've never done a competition before.  Will I be ok in this one?

- Of course!  Our main goal is to help you all break the competition ice in a low pressure environment!  Sign-up!

Do I need to wear a costume?

- If you're serious about your workouts we wouldn't recommend a costume but if you like the Halloween spirit and you don't mind some chaffing then go for it!

When will I know the workouts?

- To be fair the workouts will be released the day of the competition during the athlete briefing. There will be 3 workouts in total.

Am I an Rx or Scaled athlete?

- Great question: ask your coach!  Rx and scaled movement standards will be released 1-2 weeks before the competition.

What should I bring the day of if I am competing?

- Bring some gym clothes, maybe one change of clothes, and any food or drink you may want between workouts.

I'm not competing but I still want to come cheer my friends on and then grub out afterwards..can I?

- Why aren't you signing up? But, yes, please still come and have a good time with us!  We'll be taking a small donation for food if you're not competing. 

Sat, October 27, 2018 7:45 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit Simplicity
240 W 6th Street, Burlington NC, North Carolina, United States of America
CrossFit Simplicity
CrossFit Simplicity is dedicated to providing its members with the absolute best experience possible! Our goal is to deliver the best hour of your day in an encouraging, clean, and first class facility! Our methods are simple, yet effective, and fun!

J.V. Blackwell & Sons Trucking Inc.
For over 16 years, J.V.Blackwell & Sons Trucking, Inc. has been providing dump trucks to supply all of your contract and local hauling needs.

Clair Rowe, Realtor
Clair Rowe & Brandon Barbour specialize in Alamance and Guilford Counties, and their surrounding areas. They are nationally among the top 5% of real estate sales, and are sincerely committed to delivering superior value to their clients on a personal level. Call them today!

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