Competition by: Attack The Day Events and Training, Iron Kingdom Fitness, The V: Premier Group Fitness and CrossFit Perimeter
Complete The Mission Box Series- The CrossFit Perimeter Championship

Welcome to The Complete the Mission Box Series presented by Attack The Day Events and Training!!  

This is the Complete The Mission Box Series Finale!!! This competition is  open to RX and Scaled Team divisions. We will also have an RX Individual division. More information below on what the series is about! 

The Complete The Mission Box Series is a 3 month fitness series that will test same sex teams of 2 and RX Men and Women individuals in a battle for the top prize in August. These events are open to scaled divisions on the team side.   

We will have 3 host sites: Iron Kingdom Fitness (June), The V: Premier Group Fitness (July), and CrossFit Perimeter (August- Championship event)  

Event Date 1: June 12th, 2021 at Iron Kingdom Fitness 

Event Date 2: July 17th, 2021 at The V: Premier Group Fitness  

Event Day 3: August 28th, 2021 at CrossFit Perimeter (Championship)  

Each competition will have prize packages for our podium finishers! hint hint: some cash may be involved! August will have a large cash prize for our RX Division. The more sign-ups we have for our other divisions the more cash and prizes involved.   

So grab a teammate and start planning your way to the top!  

The Divisions will be: RX and Scaled 2-Person Teams (Same Sex Teams of Men and Women) and RX Individuals (Men and Women)    

The CrossFit Perimeter Championship Workouts 

Team Workout 1 ("Up and Over") 

For Time (14:00 Cap) *Including the row 

24-18-12 of: 

-Burpee Box Get Overs (48/40) (40/30)

-Sandbag Clusters (100/80) Scaled: Sandbag Over the Shoulder (80/40) 

Directly into...

Max Cal Row for 2:00 

Team Workout 2 ("Dirty DT") 

3 rounds for time (12:00 Cap) 

-24 Deadlifts (135/95) (95/65) 

-24 Handstand Push-Ups (Scaled: Hand Release Push-ups) 

-18 Hang Power Cleans 

-18/14 Calorie Bike 

-12 Shoulder To Overhead 

-120 Double Unders (Scaled: 120 Single Unders) 

Team Workout 3 "No Mercy" 

3 rounds for time (15:00 Cap) 

-40 Double Dumbbell Front Rack Lunges (50/35) (35/20) 

-40 Toes To Bar (Scaled: 40 straight leg raises above hip) 

-10 Bar Muscle-Ups (Scaled: 20 Ring Rows) 

With remaining time: Max Handstand Walk Distance (Scaled: Max Bear Crawls with same working DB's) 

Indy Workout 1 "Up and Over" 

14:00 Cap 


-Burpee Box Get Overs (48/40) 

-Sandbag Clusters (100/80) 

Directly into...2:00 Max Calorie Row 

Indy Workout 2 "Dirty DT" 

3 rounds for time (10:00 Cap) 

-12 Deadlifts (135/95) 

-12 Handstand Push-Ups 

-9 Hang Power Cleans 

-9/7 Calorie Bike 

-6 Shoulder to Overhead 

-60 Double Unders 

Indy Workout 3 "No Mercy" 

5 rounds for time (15:00 Cap) 

-12 Double DB Front Rack Lunges (50/35) 

-12 Toes To Bar 

-4 Bar Muscle-Ups 

*Max Distance Handstand Walk with time remaining

*Two Part Score 

Surprise Floater WOD to be announced at the event!  

Follow @attack_the_day_   @ironkingdomfitnss @thevfit and @cfperimeter on Instagram for updates, workout releases, and general information regarding registration, event details, and Covid-19 measures for the Complete The Mission Box Series!  

You can also follow us on Facebook as well! Any questions can be directed to Drew Parker at  

This event will include:  

-3 Workouts for each division and a surprise Floater Wod!  

-We will have Vendors on-site!  

-Swag Bags are included with T-Shirt upon registration 

-We will have a Covid-19 plan in place for all who attend.  

-Parking on-site with space for tents and chairs.  

-Spectators are free!   

Standards will be released shortly after workouts are posted on social media sites and will be performed before the event series starts on June 12th!  

Once again, any questions regarding the event can be forwarded to Drew Parker at 

#AttackTheDayEvents #CompleteTheMission #WodifyArena
Sat, August 28, 2021 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit Perimeter
6650 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States
Attack The Day Events and Training
Events and Training company based in Smyrna, Georgia that specializes in operating functional fitness events and retreats.

Iron Kingdom Fitness
A CrossFit gym owned and operated by Jorge Arellano and team based in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

The V: Premier Group Fitness
A CrossFit Gym owned and operated by Archie Brown and Team based in Powder Springs, Georgia.

CrossFit Perimeter
A CrossFit Gym owned and operated by David Flynn and Team based in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

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