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Foster Fit 2020

Foster Fit is a 3 event online CrossFit competition for combined unisex individuals (Rx and scaled). You can submit your workout scores for the competition from Nov.16-21st. Events will be released through our Foster Fit Instagram & you can perform the workouts anytime after they release (week of November 9th). Foster Fit is a nonprofit organization helping foster youth and teens! The donations & fundraising from this competition will be used to provide CrossFit gym memberships to youth & teenagers in foster care. Donations without competing are also being accepted! See link below.

GoFundMe for Foster Fit

Children and adolescents involved with child welfare, especially those who are removed from their family of origin and placed in out-of-home care, often present with complex and serious physical, mental health, developmental, and psychosocial problems rooted in childhood adversity and trauma.

Evidence indicates that children and adolescents fare best when raised in stable homes with nurturing environments who respond to their needs and provide reasonable structure. Children and teenagers also benefit from safe and reasonable child care, educational and neighborhood settings with exposure to normalizing activities.

In addition, overweight and obesity rates in teens have risen dramatically in recent years and teens in these weight categories are at risk for serious future health problems. Overweight and obesity are becoming more prevalent for teens in foster care. CrossFit provides an elegant and combative approach to reversing these comorbidities. CrossFit provides a consistent & nurturing community, which has proven to improve the mental and physical health of adolescent teens and adults. Foster Fit will give teens in foster care access to the same love and support that we receive from our CrossFit friends & community. 

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  • Can I donate and not compete?

Yes, you can donate and not compete. See payment tickets and select a donation option ($20 -$1000). Donate as much or as little as you want You can also donate a specific amount on our gofundmepage.

  • Where can I do the workouts? 

This is an online competition. You can do the workout at a gym or at home! 

  • What type of competition is Foster Fit?

Foster Fit is an individual competition that has both an Rx and Scaled athletes. Women and Men will be on the same leaderboard! Three events need to be completed and submitted between Nov.16th-21st. All workouts released on November 9th!

  • How much money does it cost to participate?

It cost $50 to participate! 

  • Where can I submit my scores? 

3 ways to submit your scores!

1. If doing with a gym make sure your coach gets your scores so he/she can submit them.

2. You can sign up as your own judge. Through the same registration sign up for "Judge ticket to submit scores." It is FREE to register as a judge. Once you register as a judge you can download the Wodify Arena app and submit your scores. 

3. Have a judge register as "Judge ticket to submit scores"  It is FREE for them register as a judge. Once they register as a judge they can download the Wodify Arena app and submit your scores. 

  • Where is my donation going?

Your donation will provide access to annual gym memberships to kids & teenagers in foster care. The more money raised the more foster children will find a local CrossFit gym.

  • What are the workouts?

There will be 3 workouts and they will be released before November 9th. If you are a gym and want to incorporate these workouts into your programming then please contact us ASAP and we can release events to you early! Check The Foster Fit Instagram for updates (@foster__fit)

  • How long will the competition last?

The competition will last from Nov.16-21st. Your gym, you, or your judge can submit your scores any time between those dates through Wodify Arena App. 

  • How can I make sure I am adhering to the standards? 

Our standards are in the video announcements for each workout. You can find on Instagram @foster__fit or on the workouts tab of this page when the workout is posted. Additionally, if you have Instagram we are asking athletes to also go live so that our team and the world can see you participate! Please make sure you and your judge review the movement standards for each workout. 

  • What other actions do I need to take?

Upon signing up for the competition and knowing the events, you need to make sure you receive and sign the liability waiver. Submit through Wodify Arena.

  • How can I get updates about the event?

Please follow us on @foster__fit for more info!

  • Who do I contact if I have any problems or questions? 

Please contact us at

Mon, November 16, 2020 8:00 AM - Sat, November 21, 2020 11:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
Foster Fit
56 Jib Ln, Brick Township, New Jersey, United States
Foster Fit
Consistency Breed Growth is teaming up with Foster Fit to provide The Foster Fit online competition for both Rx and scaled CrossFit athletes

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