Competition by: CrossFit Sparrow

CrossFit Sparrow is excited to present its 2nd Annual Scaled/Intermediate Partner Competition, “Sparrow Classic II (pandemic Version)”. 

Divisions: Scaled and Intermediate

MM / FF 

Need help deciding on a Scaled or Intermediate?  Example of movements for reps. 


225/185 Intermediate

185/135 Scaled

Power Clean

155/125 Intermediate

115/85 Scaled

Power Snatch

115/75 Intermediate

75/55 Scaled


95/65 Intermediate

75/55 Scaled

Shoulder to Overhead

135/95 Intermediate

75/55 Scaled

Back Squats



  • Unlike Any other competition, you've experienced. 
  • CrossFit Open Scaled Standards. So if you participated in the CrossFit OPEN Scaled, you will be comfortable participating in the Sparrow Classic.
  • Intermediate Standards; Not quite RX, but more challenging than scaled. 
  • Trophy’s & Prizes!!!

If you are an Rx athlete DO NOT join a scaled team just because they need another person, this undermines the integrity of the competition and your box.  

No advanced gymnastic movements!!!

Registration ends December 6th 2020

super limited spots available!!

!!Please print and sign the attached waiver!! 

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Sat, December 19, 2020 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Central Standard Time
CrossFit Sparrow
2528 Hatfield Rd, Pearland, Texas, United States
CrossFit Sparrow
With over 25 years of coaching, competing and event organizing experience. CrossFit Sparrow presents the Sparrow Classic 2019.

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