Competition by: North Atlantic Challenge and TreeLine CrossFit
Wild Ride WOD - TreeLine CrossFit

A fun but extreme multi-gym challenge that is a fundraising event for the North Atlantic Challenge. All proceeds go towards supporting three charities; 5 Gyres, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and Best Friends Animal Society.


Pushing yourself to your limits, having a blast, coming together in a meaningful and united way is what it's all about... Oh yeah, bragging rights included!

THE WILD RIDE  WOD is a 36 minute four person team event, all in the name of charity. It will challenge your endurance, stamina, strength, power and teamwork, while requiring a sound strategy to effectively work together.


The WOD consists of four workouts, with three that waterfall one into the other. The fourth starts at the beginning and continues until the final whistle.

Barbell movements will consist of deadlift, hang clean, front squat and jerk. Other movements are rowing, wall balls, dumbbell clean and jerks, burpee box jumps, pull-ups and bar muscle ups. There is no minimum work requirement on the bar muscle ups, but there is a minimum work requirement for the pull-ups. Scaling is an option, however that team would then rank lower than any other team that completed the workout as prescribed. 

Teams 4 (2 Male + 2 Female) 

NOTE: Full workout details will be released October 30th 2021


Anyone can participate in the individual min-challenges!  Athletes do not need to register for “The Wild Ride WOD” in order to compete. Mini Challenge workout will be released on the day.  So whatever your jam is.... let’s see you crush it! 

*The best score for each challenge wins the prize (Men’s & Women’s divisions are separate)

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Sat, November 13, 2021 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
TreeLine CrossFit
1075 Shelley St, Springfield, Oregon, United States
North Atlantic Challenge
The North Atlantic Challenge is a solo row expedition across the N. Atlantic Ocean. In May 2022, Peter Harley will set off on a 4,000-mile journey from Virginia Beach, VA, USA to La Trinite’ Sur-Mer, France. To raise funds for Gyres, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and
Best Friends Animal Society

TreeLine CrossFit
At TreeLine CrossFit, we encourage our athletes to train harder than they think they are capable of each day they walk through our doors. In result, our athletes are constantly breaking down mental barriers that were at one point keeping them from achieving their goals.

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